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Monday, May 5, 2014

...he said that we are angels that helped him get baptized

What Up!!
That is so weird that the college year is already over and that Emily and Jordan are out about once again selling in California! I am glad that they made it over there safely. Wow, Allison way to go on your high school studies and everything you have done toward college already! I am kind of jealous that you never have to take Math or English ever again. I am kind of scared for when I get back because I don't think I'll remember much.  Allison you will have to help me, okay smarty pants?

I received the Easter package this past week! Thank you sooo much! Elder Supayabe and I pretty much ate it all already haha but it hit the spot that is for sure!

Well this past week was a miracle with Jesus Ñique. We were over there every day this past week helping him out a whole bunch. Watching video clips on, reading the Liahona, reading the Book of Mormon and answering any question that he had. Thursday came and we asked him how he felt about Saturday for his baptism and he said the same thing he told us last week....not yet....But we really felt that he needed to get baptized. I explained to him that now is the time that he needs to follow Jesus Christ. He explained that his family hasn't been acting that great and he wanted to have his baptism peacefully. We told him that the only thing that would help him was his baptism. We told him that he should just have a baptismal interview with the zone leader to see if it would help him and he agreed. Friday at 6 he had his baptismal interview. He stayed in there for about 1 hour and 15 minutes! I was so nervous! Finally he came out...with a big smile on his face! He said to mem, "Elder Smith, I'm gonna get baptized tomorrow at 7 and you are going to baptize me!!"  I can't tell you guys how happy I was and I was shaking soooo much! I just wanted to scream but I couldn't because we were in the church. We all gave him a big hug! When he said 7, we thought at night, but no...In the morning! We woke up at 5:15am to be able to set up the baptism. His wife came and his son. It was sooo spiritual. When he came up out of the water, he gave me a big hug and said that he felt like a renewed person. Yesterday,  since it was fast Sunday, he gave his testimony! It was sooo powerful. He explained that many years ago, his family members always invited him to church but he felt that it wasn't his time. As time went on he started feeling the spirit so strongly and he said that Conference sealed the deal. He explained he knew it was true and he couldn't deny it. What impacted me the most is that he said that we are angels that helped him get baptized. Many members say that we are angels and I feel so blessed to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.
Here is a funny/sad story. The other day I was playing soccer in the street with some 5 year olds and there was this old grumpy lady who yelled at us for playing in the street. The street is tiny and no one drives on it. We continued playing and a the littlest boy kicked the ball right into the old grumpy lady's house. The boys got all scared and the lady slammed the door.  About 20 seconds later, she opened the door, threw the ball back out into the street, but she popped the ball, and slammed the door closed. The boys got all sad and ran off almost crying. I felt terrible! So I grabbed a Jesus Christ card that I had in my pocket and slid it under her door to show her whats up! Because they were just little kids having fun. After we put it under the door, we ran off as well...but ran off laughing! Good times!

Tomorrow I am going to Lima. My visa expired since I was here on a traveler's visa and I am going to have to travel outside of the country. Most likely to Ecuador. I am leaving tomorrow night and coming back Thursday morning. I am leaving with like 10 other missionaries.
I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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