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Monday, April 28, 2014

I felt like we needed to contact that street

Hey Everybody! Man what a fun and busy week that you all had. I can't believe how fast that Allison's senior prom has come and it looks like she enjoyed it a lot! And way to be Jordan for being there to show the kid how things are done in the Smith family (; haha!
Congratulations Emily for graduating! That is such a great accomplishment! Especially from BYU! Also congratulations to Jordan and Emily for completing a year of eternity of their marriage! This year has flown for me! We are basically already in the 5th month of 2014. I can't believe it!
Laura Sandoval's Baptism last week 4/19/14
Laura is doing amazing. Last night we were able to watch the Joseph Smith movie at her house. She really hopes to have and raise a family in the Church when she grows up and I know that God will bless her so that she can have that. She deserves it. That is for sure. She is the one that lives close to the people who almost robbed us a few weeks ago and as we walked out of her house last night after the movie, we saw them throwing beer bottles at each other and there was a huge fight! Haha Laura grabbed us and threw us inside and we waited there another 15 minutes until it was safe. Haha it was a crazy experience.

Jesus Ñique is doing so well. He was going to get baptized this past week but we didn't really have enough time to do everything. His parents are actually members already and we didn't even know!  He said that he wanted to go to their house to be able to tell them. We hope that his Dad will be  able to baptize him this weekend. We wanted him to be baptized this past week, but it's more important that his family is there so it can be even that more special. He also told his own family that he was going to be baptized and they all supported him and so that was a great blessing. He hopes to be able to baptize his wife soon. She doesn't really listen to us and always hides in her room when we come. But we hope that as soon as he gets baptized, she will open up and start seeing how amazing that this Church can bless her and her family's life. At first Jesus Ñique said that he wanted to get baptized with his wife but we explained that HE could baptize her and he got more excited. His testimony is soooo strong and he says he knows 100 percent that this is the true church. We are still teaching his neighbors and he is coming with us to teach them. They are opening up more to us and becoming our friends and so that is really well since it is key that we gain a friendship with the people so that they can open their hearts and accept the message.

We had an amazing lesson the other day. We went to a member's house and found a non-member lady who was visiting them. The lady explained to us that she hears voices to kill herself and she wants it out of her mind and life. We explained to her the priesthood and how we have the power to heal people according to their faith in Jesus Christ. She asked us for a blessing and right after she said that she felt that it left her and that she felt something different. That really affected her and she attended church yesterday and so we are excited for all the new people that we are meeting.

Here is an amazing experience that I have been waiting to have all of my mission. Wednesday morning we went to go and teach people. However no one was home and we didn't really have anything to do so we stopped on a corner of a street and asked what? We looked at our agendas and nothing...we didn't know what to do. We looked up and saw the street right in front of us. We stood there for about 3 minutes just looking at the street, wondering if we should knock the doors. I told Elder Supayabe, I think we already contacted the left side of the street, but let's try the right side. As we knocked door by door, nothing...we kept going and going and finally we found an 18 year old girl and she let us inside her house and she explained that she was investigating the church in Lima but moved up here and never could find the church. We taught an amazing lesson thanks to the spirit and the second lesson we put a baptismal date with her and she accepted for the 30th of May! We are so excited. After the first lesso, I said to Elder Supayabe, "I felt that we needed to contact that street, I felt that someone was waiting for us."  And he told me, " did I."   It was sooo powerful.

Here is a funny/sad experience. Our fan in our room doesn't really work because it has a broken cord and it has to be taped down to the outlet. So the cord fell out and I was smart and decided to fix it with a metal pen in my hand. Sure enough I electrocuted the crap out of me! It was sooo bad haha it hurt!!!! Elder Supayabe was showering and ran out of the bathroom half naked asking what happened! In the end I just laughed. But man that hurt! Stupid me...haha
I love you 
He loves you
Elder Smith

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