Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, July 29, 2013

I will never turn my back on this great work!

Mom thank you for that heartfelt email.
I cannot wait to get your package and I got your letter the other day and I sent one back to you yesterday so you should get it in a couple of days! You all sound like you are doing amazing! Allison finally has a job, and we all have jobs! How blessed we all are (:

We do have a Laundry Lady (: It is sister Ordonez and she is from Guatemala and I call her my mission mom because she is so helpful and she keeps us in line (; we go over every Sunday night and start the laundry. Then we come back on P-Days and she does the rest. I love her so much haha she is so helpful.

We do our emails at the Apache Junction Library and it only gives us an hour and a half to email and then it kicks us off haha.

Mom actually today I translated the Child's Prayer in Spanish! It is so fun to translate! I just love it! I am starting to understand a lot but I still HATE speaking in Spanish haha it is quite difficult. But keep praying for me okay? Like you always do I love it (: But yes I am grateful I brought music, you mom, are always right (: I am sending a hug right back to you! I can feel it (: Be looking for your letter haha it's a long one!  I love you mom.

Dad.  I am so excited to start hearing about football games soon! I hope that Lehi will finally have a winning record! The coach is actually pretty smart and he knows what to do with what he has! So we shall see! Pretty exciting! What is BYU's schedule this year? I am soooo excited to hear about that as well! I am going to miss going to their football games! It is always such a blast cheering them on! Scream extra loud for me (;

I love D and C 121 as well Dad. But I will for sure go back and study it really hard tomorrow during personal study. Thank you for sending that and giving me something to study! I can't wait (: You are so smart to apply scriptures to your life. I can't wait to start doing that as well!
Well, being here in Arizona has really humbled me and blessed me. I have learned so much here and I really think that I have made a difference. I love to think that I will be able to come back and visit a lot since it is pretty close! I can't wait to return  here with you all though! that will be so fun! I love it here. Sometimes it is difficult, like riding a bike in a 114 degree weather or so but I will do anything for our savior. I hope I get to go to Peru soon.Iit gets hard sometimes and sometimes I want to give up. But I just keep pushing through it because I will never turn my back on this great work! please keep praying for my investigators so I will be able to see miracles!  I love you dad thanks for everything! anything I can do, or that you would like me to pray for?
So last P-Day was pretty fun! The sisters planned something and so we went to a "Ghost Town". Pretty much just a bunch of stores in an old cowboy town. Then we went to IHOP, it was a pretty fun District Activity! Haha then after all the fun, it was time for work. But for some reason nobody was home. So we pretty much rode our bikes in the heat for 3 hours straight! Today for P-Day we are going to watch some other Elders do the Pizza challenge! haha one of them wanted me to do it with them, but there is no way I am doing that again!

Tuesday, Elder Duff was sick. So we stayed inside the entire day. Elder Duff slept the whole day and I did studies and I had to prepare a District meeting training all by myself for the next day. It was boring but I studied sooo much so I hoped it helped. I didn't sleep because I would feel bad if I did!

Wednesday we gave the training that I had prepared in District Meeting and it went super well, it was about using the scriptures in lessons and everyone enjoyed it! Then after, we went to a members home and I dedicated it so that was neat and the first time I have ever done that! The spirit was so strong and the mom was in tears! It was pretty amazing! After Dinner, Elder Duff said he felt sick again so we went inside for the rest of the night...pretty boring..

Thursday was finally a good day! We found a new investigator who seems pretty solid! His name is Miguel and he is 18. he just doesn't really believe in God and he believes in the virgin Mary more. Just like your story mom. A lot of people don't really know anything about their purpose on this life. It is such a blessing for all of us to be able to share this message with others! But he is willing to listen, pray, and read so it is really good! We taught Elba again and we invited her to be baptized once again, but she still isn't feeling it. We asked her what is holding her back, and what she is looking for in her answer...she said that if she sees her kids lives change, she will know it is true. But we explained to her that if she gets baptized, and sets the example, then she will see miracles.

Friday, we went by Felipe's house to talk to his girlfriend and daughter. But we found out that Felipe actually moved to New Mexico because they got into a huge argument! But the good news is, is that Joanna (the girlfriend) and her daughter still wants to be baptized so we set a date with them for the 24th of August. We hope she puts forth the effort and she attends church so that she will be able to be qualified for baptism!

Saturday was pretty cool. During studies, I was just feeling a little sad and frustrated for some strange reason, as almost as if I thought Heavenly Father wasn't there, because I have been being so obedient, but I just haven't been seeing many blessings. I decided to pray and it was one of the most sincerest prayers that I have ever offered. I just asked Heavenly Father to please show me a sign that he is real and that he cares about me, and to comfort me. Right after I ended the prayer, I went to my IPod for music and I just pushed the shuffle button and the Child's Prayer song came on. The lyrics hit me so hard, like PRAY, he is there, SPEAK, he is listening. It was just so overwhelming and so humbling. The power of prayer is so real!

Yesterday, only Jose Torres came to church and all of us missionaries gave talks about Missionary Work! I felt that I did pretty well and I was able to say all that I needed to! Then us missionaries sang called to serve as well and it was really unique! At dinner, a member made  us Peruvian food and it was so AMAZING!! It just made me want to go to Peru that much more haha! But you know what's funny? We had dessert first too! That is just whole we role! But later that night, we went next door to the Elders apartment and just talked before bed. A new Elder that just came in, started talking to us about his past life, and he has done some crazy things and had to use the repentance process. It was actually an amazing story and it was really heartfelt. I decided to go talk to him when he went into another room and we had the most spiritual conversation. We just talked about why we were both here. I told him that none of us are perfect, don't worry about what other people say, we all have bad days, just take it one day at a time. I was so blessed to be able to comfort him!

Well that is all for this week! Way to go Lehi 26th ward for leaving on their missions! You are all studs!

I love you. He loves you.
Love, Elder Smith

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I knew that coming into the mission that I would have to sacrifice everything for the Lord!

Okay so I am sorry to EVERYONE! The address is 2525 N. 32nd St. Mesa, AZ 85213. Sorry I sent you the wrong one. Please let everyone know the correct one ASAP! Thanks!
Well, it sounds like you all had an amazing week and you did so many fun things! I am so happy that you had such a fun day at Ed's house on Sunday.  I was thinking about you guys! I hope Dad's birthday was a great one! We are so blessed to have him in our lives because I have really noticed how important it is to have a dad who supports you and does everything for you because a lot of kids do not have that out here! But I am glad you loved your tie Dad! To be honest, it was hard to send it away to you because I wanted to keep it for myself! But I love ya Pops and you deserve a good looking tie! Your birthday sounded pretty sweet! I want to go to a RSL game when I get back so maybe we can do a double date! You and Mom, me and Paige!  But we can worry about that later haha! But the fireworks sounded amazing! I started laughing so hard when I read what happened with the car speakers in Jordan's car! Hahaha I bet Allison's and Paige's ears were bleeding!  I am really happy you had a good one though because I was praying that you would!
PHIIIILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! Freak yes!!! Finally! Gosh he is such a stud! Man I can't wait to come back and just relax on the couch with you Dad and watch golf! It is so much fun! Dagen emailed me and said he is going to a country club golf course in South Carolina with a member today so that sounds legit!
That biking trip sounds way fun! Dad you seriously have lost sooo much weight and you are looking like a stud so congrats on that! Sorry about your ribs though! I hope it didn't affect your breathing too bad! But yeah, I ate it on my bike this week as well but it was just a little one because I was just goofing around, trying to balance on the curb and I fell! haha but it sucks being on bike because it is sooo hot here and we have the biggest bike area in the mission haha so please pray for me, that my companion and I will have energy!
Well this week was sort of a long week. Tuesday we had a cool lesson with a lady named Elba from Puerto. We went over with a 16 year old recent convert, Jonathon. He shared a really strong testimony and said he was actually in a gang at 14 years of age and did drugs and drank.  He said he didn't even care if someone was killed. But the missionaries came over and helped him out a lot and when he was baptized at 15, his life changed for the better. It was crazy to hear that and I think it started a fire in Elba.  Well I hope so because she so far doesn't have the biggest desire to be baptized.
Wednesday, we went to the end of transfer meetings to drop off our stinks...the mission has a shortage of cars and a lot more missionaries are coming in. So the sister missionaries that came into our branch received a brand new truck and we gave our car to some missionaries in Mesa. So there is good news and bad news about all of this. The good news is that they split up the area so it isn't as big and also we still get to keep all of our good investigators. The bad news is that we still have the biggest bike area in the mission and it is July/August, the worst part of summer!! So we have to be on bikes! But I knew that coming into the mission that I would have to sacrifice everything for the Lord! That  night we split up the area book with the sisters and they are both from Utah so it is pretty cool talking to them about Utah! Oh and also, Elder Seymour got his visa 3 weeks ago...So I am officially the only visa waiter in Arizona waiting to go to Peru now.
Thursday we went to Elba's house again and we taught her about faith and it was really good! They only thing is that she doesn't want to be baptized because she doesn't want to give up smoking but we will keep working with her.
Friday during studies we received a text from Jose (the dad that wouldn't allow his daughter to be baptized). He told us that he had a talk with her and he found out that she knew a lot more than he thought about baptism. So he told us that he wanted me to baptize her! So that night we went over to confirm what time we would do the baptism and everything! But he still hasn't gained a testimony of his own but it was so amazing to see how his mind has changed and I think he is getting a fire built inside him as well (:
The Baptism of Jenna Torres - July 20, 2013
Saturday I had the privilege to baptize Jenna and it was so very special because there were 6 other kids getting baptized as well! I felt bad though because they all had their dads baptizing them and she didn't have hers.  But I felt so humbled to be able to baptize her. The first time we did it, her knee came up and she was a little mad haha but the second time it was good! Just to be able to do that, for the 1st time was so special for me. I felt the spirit so strong and we are so blessed that our church has the authority to do baptisms and I am so grateful that I have the true church in my life.

Sunday we lost 4 of our baptismal dates because an investigator needs to attend church twice before they can be eligible to be baptized. But neither Natalie, Felipe, his wife Joanna, or their daughter attended so it was such a bummer but we will visit them this week to see what happened and help them out! Then that night, we went to a Spanish fire side with José  and he liked it a lot! It was cool because our mission president was there and he presided! But it was about recent converts and their testimonies so the spirit was definitely felt (: But we just found out that he isn't married! I want to set a baptismal date with him this week!
That is really awesome that you guys are starting to read the New Testament now. I wish that I could know the bible more since everybody here loves it so much. So that is something that I will start doing in my studies. I know it is so important to read the scriptures as a family and I am glad we read the Book of Mormon together because it builds the family's testimony, as well as their strength, and love for each other. So keep it up (:
Well I love you all so very much and you all mean the world to me! I always like to lay down at night and just think of all the prayers that I have been receiving on my mission and it really is such a blessing to know of all the support that I have.
I love you. He loves you.
Love, Elder Smith

Monday, July 15, 2013

So happy that I'm staying another change here!

The Rueles family that we're teaching. I love them so much!

Hey Everyone!
Man those pictures that you sent me are so true! They wind/"breeze" is like Satan breathing on your face! It is blazing hot and it like never cools down! This past week it has been raining a little bit, so it's been like 100 with clouds. Haha but still pretty hot and a little humid but I am surviving!
I completely freaked out when I saw Allison's Senior pictures! I remember like it was yesterday when I got mine taken! It is so nuts that she will be a senior! But congratulations Allison and live it up because senior year is the best year of school and it only comes once!
Mom you are so right about being a children of God. Many people do not know that and I always love bearing my testimony about how I know that is true! We actually went over to Felipe's and I made him some cookies and we dropped it off at his house and said happy birthday so I hope he liked that!
Haha after the pizza challenge last week I didn't throw up. Thankfully, our dinner appointment cancelled, so we didn't have to eat more than we had too!!
Well Monday night Carlos came with us but no one was really home and he kept saying he was bad luck, but we taught a good lesson with him to a Less Active Member. Also, before we went out, he fed us some dinner! You just gotta love Carlos! Everybody does!
Tuesday we taught a 17 year old girl (Natalie) and it was our second time teaching her and so we taught her the Plan of Salvation. After, I asked her to be baptized and she said yes, it is something that she knows she has to do! We set the date for August 10th as well. So we are praying that she will be ready. Later on our way to the Ruelas Family, our tire blew out and so I had to get all down and dirty to fix it because Elder Duff didn't know how. But after the Ruelas Family fed us so much food and I just love them!
Wednesday night we went to Felipe's house and dropped off the cookies and said happy birthday. But then he had to go, so we taught his wife. His wife's mom is the one who was murdered about 3 weeks ago so we were very blessed to talk to her about the Plan of Salvation as well. We set up a baptismal date for her and her daughter on August 10th as well! She started crying, and she said that she really wants to see her mother again and she will get baptized. Her mother got baptized and was a member! Blessings (:
Thursday, no one was really home and we mainly taught Less Active Members that night.
Friday night we went to the Ruelas Family and taught the Word of Wisdom and they have no problem with it (: They said that they really want to be baptized but the wife doesn't have an  I.D. for their marriage papers. But we were able to set a goal with them. Which is to get married on the 16th of August and baptized on the 17th of August! They are very excited and we hope all will work out for that.
Saturday was transfer news day! I was super nervous because I really didn't want to leave. Friday, before we left the Ruelas Family's house, they told us they'd be having family over who aren't members and so we went and taught them Saturday night! It went really well but they live in Phoenix and so we'll have missionaries go over and teach them. But when we got home Saturday night, we got a call about transfers.....I'M STAYING (: (: I am so happy because I really didn't want to pack and I love my investigators so much. haha but Elder Duff is staying too. But I'm alright with it because we did really good this past week. We set up 5 baptismal dates! So he kind of showed me he can work hard. They're adding sister missionaries into our branch though and they'll probably take 4 of our baptismal dates that we just set up. (Felipe, his wife and daughter, and Natalie) but we still don't know yet because they come in on Wednesday. At least the Ruelas family is still with us...well that's what we think. But I am way excited and happy (:I am so happy to be here a little longer in this area before I take off to Peru. I think I will leave here before the end of this transfer, just because it would have taken too long. but we shall see. I always try to remember, "I will go where you want me to go dear lord."

Yesterday, we got a new branch president and we are so excited for all this change that is happening. Then, that night we went and taught Jose. If you remember, his wife is a member and she told us that Jose is not going to allow his daughter to be baptized this Saturday because he feels 8 years old is too young. His wife is white and so she attends the English ward and so she had her bishop over to come help us, but he didn't speak Spanish. So I was able to translate! Which has been a dream of mine to do! I was able to do it and I felt so blessed because Heavenly Father really blessed me to be able to do that! ! I am in the same boat as you Mom! haha I think we are the same at a lot of stuff. Like I can hardly speak it, like it takes me forever to translate it and to make sure I am following the rules but I can understand it way better!  It went amazing but Jose still doesn't want her to be baptized just yet and the mom was quite mad. But he said that maybe, when he gains his testimony, he would like to get baptized with her. I testified that we all received answers it is true and that is why we are here. I told him that if he keeps reading and praying to know it is true, he will receive an answer because he is a son of God and that Heavenly Father really does love him. So we are praying for his answer to come soon.

It has been such a miraculous week and I really am happy to be serving here in Arizona and to be able to stay here another change! Who knows when my visa will come. I am trying to not worry about that though! It is all well here! I hope you got my package too with all the things that I sent home!
Dad, That hill must be insane! I want to see it because I bet that 2 and a half minutes of just straight pushing would be soo hard! That is sooooo amazing though that you were able to accomplish it! Dad you seriously look like you have lost a lot of weight and so congratulations! I bet that it felt so good to accomplish it! Just keep it up and you are right, you will be able to get it down to like 2 minutes! But you described exactly how I feel about being out here. The mission is so hard at first because all this stress just slaps you in the face when you first get in the field. Like I didn't understand anything that was going on and I just felt I could never do it. I really felt alone and sometimes I wanted to give up. But I have always remembered Jeffery R. Holland's quote. "Never turn your back on this work". I have also remembered your words about when you said to imagine our family pushing me along and I knew going home was just not an option!
But Spanish is coming along easier and I learn more and more everyday and I can understand more. I haven't really noticed it, exactly like you said, I feel like I have been moving slow. But my progress is coming along!  Thank you so much for sending me scriptures. They are a real comfort to me!
I don't know if you can tell, but that is a dust storm that pounded us
I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

Monday, July 8, 2013

I love this gospel. It is the only true church on the face of this earth. How blessed we are to be apart of it!

Hello my dear loved ones!
The 4th of July sounds crazy! But yet, so much fun! Mom I am way proud of you for actually playing capture the flag! Solei and Sierra always kick butt! So good job! (: That sucks it started raining on you guys though hahaha that must have sucked! Reminds me of that time that Jordan and I slept on the trampoline and it rained during the night so we came inside! But hey, fun memories! Shoot I am sorry Collin! I hope he is doing well! At least it will be a good memory to remember after all though! 

Our branch is getting stronger. They have a hard time knowing the importance of things and welcoming new people, but yesterday there was so many people there and 5 investigators came (: (Jose Torres and his daughter , Ruelas Family, and another lady that called me the night before and asked me when it starts because she felt prompted to come). It was such a neat testimony meeting and a lot of people bore their testimonies!

Well as I said we went to a pizza place called Venezias Pizza. 2 people need to eat a 26 inch pizza under an hour to win a picture on the wall and a t-shirt! Elder Duff and I won and it was so hard because the taste got so old! But it'll be fun to come back and see the picture when I'm older (: Then we went to Ross and Burlington and got sweet ties!

Tuesday we went and taught the Ruelas Family but the dad wasn't home so we just taught the mom which was good because she is the one that is investigating anyway! We read the scriptures with her and then after she told us that she is so happy to be learning because she said that she never wanted to listen before! She then gave us tons of food to take home! She has grown so much!

Wednesday I gave a talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Spanish in District Meeting. It was hard because i was called to do it on the spot but I felt it went well! Later that night, the Ruelas Family and us attended the Visitor Center and we watched the Joseph Smith movie in Spanish. Every time it is so spiritual and I can understand more and more each time! But after, they all had smiles on their faces (: We just need to get them married! The dad actually told me yesterday that they are planning to get married soon so that I can see them be baptized! I am soo excited (: We hope maybe in a couple of weeks! But transfers are next week so who knows if i will even be here! We will get the calls this Saturday and the change will be next week.

Thanks for so much of your advice Dad.  I will definitely look at the romans scripture.  I got some sweet mission stories to tell you all when I get home! People are wacko here. I actually cast out a devil this week Dad. It was so crazy and I was pretty scared. But it just made me realize how important the priesthood is. We saw a crazy lady walking down the street, yelling at her side like someone was there and she kept pushing it and pushing it. We pulled over the car and Ii asked her if she needed help, but then she grabbed some rocks and started throwing them at us and swearing and I felt something was wrong. So I raised my hand to the square and commanded the spirit to leave and instantly she got all scared and ran back in her house. crazy...
but i love it here, and i will continue to serve here.

Thursday for the 4th we had a meeting with President Jenkins and his wife! He is seriously so funny and a really cool guy! It was a 3 and a half hour meeting but it went pretty fast because he teaches very well and I learned a lot! Later that night, no one was really home so we just mainly drove around all night but no one was there! Here in AZ, they suck at celebrating the 4th haha it was so boring everywhere and I missed Utah that day! But thanks Allison for drinking a cup of root beer for me (: Oh and I got your package mom and thank you so much! It came the day of the 4th so good timing (: I love you and it was so nice to receive something that day!

Friday afternoon we got a phone call from a member of our branch and she said that her mother is in the hospital because she had a heart attack and so we went and gave her a blessing. It was a really neat experience and spiritual as well. That night Carlos came and taught with us but no one really answered. We taught a lesson about prayer to a person on the street and Carlos bore a really strong testimony! Then he but us shakes at DQ and we taught him baptisms for the dead and he is so excited to do that in a year!

Saturday, Elder Armstrong (our ZL from New Zealand) got transferred to be A.P. so his companion didn't have a companion so we went with him that day and did English work. His investigators pretty much all smoke and so it smelt really bad in their homes! But we were able to set a baptismal date for one of his investigators so it was a blessing! To be honest, i am so glad to be learning Spanish!

Yesterday was amazing! Elder Duff and I gave a talk about prayer in Priesthood and it was one of the best talks I have given. I shared my experience about the answer I received about my mission papers and the spirit was strong! After church we taught Felipe the Lesson of Joseph Smith. He was crying the whole time and he told us that lately he has been feeling alone in his life. He asked us how we feel about our lives. I bore a strong testimony of how we are all children of God and that he loves us very much. I bore testimony of you guys, my family. I said that I am so grateful to have the knowledge that i will be with you forever. He then told me, that he wants a life like me. I said that I am not perfect, but I can promise you that you will become happier if you become baptized! We set a baptismal date with him for the 11th of August! The spirit that was there, was so strong and that was the first time I felt the spirit testifying of what I was saying and I just felt so peaceful. I started tearing up when I talked about the first vision, and bore my testimony. I was just feeling so sad for him, because he said his birthday was the other day and it felt just like any normal day!  After when we walked out of his trailer, I just felt spiritually drained. I couldn't say a word! I told Elder Duff that we need to pray and give thanks to Heavenly Father and we did. I am was so humbled and so happy. I am excited to see the blessings start coming into his life. I love this gospel. It is the only true church on the face of this earth. How blessed we are to be apart of it!

But I am not sure what I want to happen this weekend with changes. My companion is hard but I don't want to leave this area. I feel like I'd leave since he has only been here one transfer. But we shall see.
I hope you all have a great week and I love you. He loves you.
Love Elder Smith

Monday, July 1, 2013

A surprise visit from Aunt Jessica!

What do you think of my new $13 suit!!
You guys look so amazing at the Manti pageant! I prayed that day that it would all go well! Dad looks like he has lost a ton of weight! Congrats! That just makes me so happy that you are all getting to know each other and are becoming so close! Her family is super super nice! Her dad is so nice as well and is hilarious! But yeah, her brother in law is a stud and it was fun talking about law enforcement with him! I want to get married at the Manti Temple! It grew on me haha!
Our apartment doesn't really stay cold. The mission rule is that we have to keep it at 78 it's always pretty hot and sometimes it's hard to sleep. But at least we are being obedient!
The 4th of July plans that you have seem so much fun! Looks like a new tradition seems to be starting back up! That'll be exciting to do that when I get back! My plans for the 4th, well we are having a meeting with the new Mission President. (President Jenkins) from Meridian Idaho. He is really cool! I met him on Saturday at a baptism of the Zone Leaders. He served in Spain and so we got to talk to him in Spanish!
Evan and Kallee. Well that is a bummer that they aren't going back to school in Utah but at least we can still see them. That is nuts that they are having a kid! Congrats (: (: (:
Well, as you may already know, Holli and Jessica visited me on my birthday and I was so surprised! It was right after I went to the driving range and we were in the ZL's house and they came and took us to lunch! It was so much fun and they all thought that Jessica and Holli were so much fun haha. Then after having pizza and carrot cake at a members house, we went to a less active members house and it just so happened to be the little girls birthday as well (:
Tuesday we had to ride our bikes because they only give us a certain amount of miles to us for each month. it was freaking hot! We talked to Rafael and he was having some problems, he has 2 felonies and so it's hard for him to find a job but he is actually really nice, just swears a lot. I noticed that he was having some problems so I gave him a blessing of comfort and as I did so, I felt chills all over my body! It was really neat! Later that night, while we were riding our bikes, Carlos saw us and he gave us a ride and we taught him about the priesthood since he will be receiving it probably next week. Carlos is such a strong member and he is so awesome! He always tells us that he wants to be a missionary!
Wednesday in the afternoon, no one was really home but for dinner, a member took us out to IHOP (: I had banana graham pancakes! They were so good! Then that night was so amazing. We went to the Ruelas Family and we taught them the Plan of Salvation. They mom's eyes lit up when we told her that her brand new baby was in heaven a few days ago (she was born on the 23rd). After the lesson, we asked her what she thought. She said a few nights before her baby was born, she was reading the book of Mormon but she didn't really understand it so she remembered what we invited her to do and she prayed about it. She told Heavenly Father that if this church was true, everything would go well when she gave birth and she'd have no pains because her last baby hurt. While at birth, she said she felt at peace and no pain. She said when she saw her baby girl for the first time, she knew this church was true and that she is a daughter of god. She took that as her answer and she told us that her and her 9 year old daughter wants to get baptized!!!!! Which is crazy because  a couple of weeks ago, she didn't even want to listen! Miracle! We just need to get them married (:
Thursday our District leader went with us. That afternoon, we pulled into a trailer park to teach a man but as we did so, we saw like 8 kids (probably 6-10 years of age) fighting and wailing on each other and they were all bloody! We jumped out of our car and broke it up! haha missionaries to the rescue! It was nuts and kind of scary! But the man we taught is Felipe. His mother in law was recently murdered and so we went to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. He didn't really have time. However he told that he wants to change his life. I told him this will bless his life forever! We shall see!

Friday, we didn't really talk to anyone because they gave us excuses or didn't have time. We were supposed to eat with the Relief Society but they were late. But had your gift cards mama (: so thank you so much!!!! we went to eat at sonic!! you are the best.  I bought me and my companion some shakes! You are seriously the best and all of your packages/presents are so thoughtful! Te amo mama, con todo mi corazon!!! lo guste tus regalos mucho!!! talvez, te llamare acerca de mi visa esta semana pero todo esta bien conmigo! no preocupes (: Gracias y te amo (:
Saturday after studies we were supposed to go to the Visitor Center with Felipe but he never showed up because he was working! So we went to his house and he said he'll go Sunday. But yesterday he didn't show up again, so we need to work with him. Oh and Saturday was 120 degrees,,,, sucked haha
Yesterday Carlos didn't come to church because he was sick. But the Ruelas Family came and they absolutely are so grateful to attend. They are so awesome! After church we went to Carlos's house and gave him a blessing! He felt better and so he actually came out with us yesterday night to teach! mama! sabes que? mi companero que fue en el ccm conmigo (Elder Winward) El esta serviendo en california, y me dijo que todos de los misioneros que fueron esperando por sus visas en california, ya se fueron a peru esta semana que paso! pero todovia Elder Winward esta en california, esperando como yo! entonces talvez, saldriamos juntos a peru pronto?! pero esta bien porque no importa dondequiera estamos serviendo porque es lo mismo! (: pues, yo pense que yo te contaria eso (: yo animado por cualquiera cosa paso (: Waiting for my visa has helped me be obedient because
I feel that if I am obedient, the lord will allow me to go to Peru so its pretty cool (: we shall see, maybe soon, who knows. but i'ts fun because Elder Winward and I are emailing in spanish! He has gotten really good at it! It's crazy because he weren't that good at it before in the MTC.  It's cool to see the Lord working through us!
Oh I forgot to tell you! I think that I have little crawling friends in my bed. I have a HUGE bite on my arm and its all red and it's about the size of a quarter. I have had it for about 5 days and its pretty itchy! and it won't go away haha I hope it goes away soon! then 2 nights ago I got another one on my bed! I am going to spray something on it though! but no worries! I think it's funny more than it is scary! (:
Today after we do everything, we are probably going to go do a 26 inch pizza challenge! Two people do it and they have an hour and if they win, they get a shirt and a picture on the wall! Man Vs. Food! haha I'm excited! But way to be Lehi 26th ward! I am so excited for all of you to go and serve! Work hard and never forget Heavenly Father is with you every step of the way!
I love you all. He loves you! Have a great week.
Elder Smith