Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, July 8, 2013

I love this gospel. It is the only true church on the face of this earth. How blessed we are to be apart of it!

Hello my dear loved ones!
The 4th of July sounds crazy! But yet, so much fun! Mom I am way proud of you for actually playing capture the flag! Solei and Sierra always kick butt! So good job! (: That sucks it started raining on you guys though hahaha that must have sucked! Reminds me of that time that Jordan and I slept on the trampoline and it rained during the night so we came inside! But hey, fun memories! Shoot I am sorry Collin! I hope he is doing well! At least it will be a good memory to remember after all though! 

Our branch is getting stronger. They have a hard time knowing the importance of things and welcoming new people, but yesterday there was so many people there and 5 investigators came (: (Jose Torres and his daughter , Ruelas Family, and another lady that called me the night before and asked me when it starts because she felt prompted to come). It was such a neat testimony meeting and a lot of people bore their testimonies!

Well as I said we went to a pizza place called Venezias Pizza. 2 people need to eat a 26 inch pizza under an hour to win a picture on the wall and a t-shirt! Elder Duff and I won and it was so hard because the taste got so old! But it'll be fun to come back and see the picture when I'm older (: Then we went to Ross and Burlington and got sweet ties!

Tuesday we went and taught the Ruelas Family but the dad wasn't home so we just taught the mom which was good because she is the one that is investigating anyway! We read the scriptures with her and then after she told us that she is so happy to be learning because she said that she never wanted to listen before! She then gave us tons of food to take home! She has grown so much!

Wednesday I gave a talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Spanish in District Meeting. It was hard because i was called to do it on the spot but I felt it went well! Later that night, the Ruelas Family and us attended the Visitor Center and we watched the Joseph Smith movie in Spanish. Every time it is so spiritual and I can understand more and more each time! But after, they all had smiles on their faces (: We just need to get them married! The dad actually told me yesterday that they are planning to get married soon so that I can see them be baptized! I am soo excited (: We hope maybe in a couple of weeks! But transfers are next week so who knows if i will even be here! We will get the calls this Saturday and the change will be next week.

Thanks for so much of your advice Dad.  I will definitely look at the romans scripture.  I got some sweet mission stories to tell you all when I get home! People are wacko here. I actually cast out a devil this week Dad. It was so crazy and I was pretty scared. But it just made me realize how important the priesthood is. We saw a crazy lady walking down the street, yelling at her side like someone was there and she kept pushing it and pushing it. We pulled over the car and Ii asked her if she needed help, but then she grabbed some rocks and started throwing them at us and swearing and I felt something was wrong. So I raised my hand to the square and commanded the spirit to leave and instantly she got all scared and ran back in her house. crazy...
but i love it here, and i will continue to serve here.

Thursday for the 4th we had a meeting with President Jenkins and his wife! He is seriously so funny and a really cool guy! It was a 3 and a half hour meeting but it went pretty fast because he teaches very well and I learned a lot! Later that night, no one was really home so we just mainly drove around all night but no one was there! Here in AZ, they suck at celebrating the 4th haha it was so boring everywhere and I missed Utah that day! But thanks Allison for drinking a cup of root beer for me (: Oh and I got your package mom and thank you so much! It came the day of the 4th so good timing (: I love you and it was so nice to receive something that day!

Friday afternoon we got a phone call from a member of our branch and she said that her mother is in the hospital because she had a heart attack and so we went and gave her a blessing. It was a really neat experience and spiritual as well. That night Carlos came and taught with us but no one really answered. We taught a lesson about prayer to a person on the street and Carlos bore a really strong testimony! Then he but us shakes at DQ and we taught him baptisms for the dead and he is so excited to do that in a year!

Saturday, Elder Armstrong (our ZL from New Zealand) got transferred to be A.P. so his companion didn't have a companion so we went with him that day and did English work. His investigators pretty much all smoke and so it smelt really bad in their homes! But we were able to set a baptismal date for one of his investigators so it was a blessing! To be honest, i am so glad to be learning Spanish!

Yesterday was amazing! Elder Duff and I gave a talk about prayer in Priesthood and it was one of the best talks I have given. I shared my experience about the answer I received about my mission papers and the spirit was strong! After church we taught Felipe the Lesson of Joseph Smith. He was crying the whole time and he told us that lately he has been feeling alone in his life. He asked us how we feel about our lives. I bore a strong testimony of how we are all children of God and that he loves us very much. I bore testimony of you guys, my family. I said that I am so grateful to have the knowledge that i will be with you forever. He then told me, that he wants a life like me. I said that I am not perfect, but I can promise you that you will become happier if you become baptized! We set a baptismal date with him for the 11th of August! The spirit that was there, was so strong and that was the first time I felt the spirit testifying of what I was saying and I just felt so peaceful. I started tearing up when I talked about the first vision, and bore my testimony. I was just feeling so sad for him, because he said his birthday was the other day and it felt just like any normal day!  After when we walked out of his trailer, I just felt spiritually drained. I couldn't say a word! I told Elder Duff that we need to pray and give thanks to Heavenly Father and we did. I am was so humbled and so happy. I am excited to see the blessings start coming into his life. I love this gospel. It is the only true church on the face of this earth. How blessed we are to be apart of it!

But I am not sure what I want to happen this weekend with changes. My companion is hard but I don't want to leave this area. I feel like I'd leave since he has only been here one transfer. But we shall see.
I hope you all have a great week and I love you. He loves you.
Love Elder Smith

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