Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, July 1, 2013

A surprise visit from Aunt Jessica!

What do you think of my new $13 suit!!
You guys look so amazing at the Manti pageant! I prayed that day that it would all go well! Dad looks like he has lost a ton of weight! Congrats! That just makes me so happy that you are all getting to know each other and are becoming so close! Her family is super super nice! Her dad is so nice as well and is hilarious! But yeah, her brother in law is a stud and it was fun talking about law enforcement with him! I want to get married at the Manti Temple! It grew on me haha!
Our apartment doesn't really stay cold. The mission rule is that we have to keep it at 78 it's always pretty hot and sometimes it's hard to sleep. But at least we are being obedient!
The 4th of July plans that you have seem so much fun! Looks like a new tradition seems to be starting back up! That'll be exciting to do that when I get back! My plans for the 4th, well we are having a meeting with the new Mission President. (President Jenkins) from Meridian Idaho. He is really cool! I met him on Saturday at a baptism of the Zone Leaders. He served in Spain and so we got to talk to him in Spanish!
Evan and Kallee. Well that is a bummer that they aren't going back to school in Utah but at least we can still see them. That is nuts that they are having a kid! Congrats (: (: (:
Well, as you may already know, Holli and Jessica visited me on my birthday and I was so surprised! It was right after I went to the driving range and we were in the ZL's house and they came and took us to lunch! It was so much fun and they all thought that Jessica and Holli were so much fun haha. Then after having pizza and carrot cake at a members house, we went to a less active members house and it just so happened to be the little girls birthday as well (:
Tuesday we had to ride our bikes because they only give us a certain amount of miles to us for each month. it was freaking hot! We talked to Rafael and he was having some problems, he has 2 felonies and so it's hard for him to find a job but he is actually really nice, just swears a lot. I noticed that he was having some problems so I gave him a blessing of comfort and as I did so, I felt chills all over my body! It was really neat! Later that night, while we were riding our bikes, Carlos saw us and he gave us a ride and we taught him about the priesthood since he will be receiving it probably next week. Carlos is such a strong member and he is so awesome! He always tells us that he wants to be a missionary!
Wednesday in the afternoon, no one was really home but for dinner, a member took us out to IHOP (: I had banana graham pancakes! They were so good! Then that night was so amazing. We went to the Ruelas Family and we taught them the Plan of Salvation. They mom's eyes lit up when we told her that her brand new baby was in heaven a few days ago (she was born on the 23rd). After the lesson, we asked her what she thought. She said a few nights before her baby was born, she was reading the book of Mormon but she didn't really understand it so she remembered what we invited her to do and she prayed about it. She told Heavenly Father that if this church was true, everything would go well when she gave birth and she'd have no pains because her last baby hurt. While at birth, she said she felt at peace and no pain. She said when she saw her baby girl for the first time, she knew this church was true and that she is a daughter of god. She took that as her answer and she told us that her and her 9 year old daughter wants to get baptized!!!!! Which is crazy because  a couple of weeks ago, she didn't even want to listen! Miracle! We just need to get them married (:
Thursday our District leader went with us. That afternoon, we pulled into a trailer park to teach a man but as we did so, we saw like 8 kids (probably 6-10 years of age) fighting and wailing on each other and they were all bloody! We jumped out of our car and broke it up! haha missionaries to the rescue! It was nuts and kind of scary! But the man we taught is Felipe. His mother in law was recently murdered and so we went to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. He didn't really have time. However he told that he wants to change his life. I told him this will bless his life forever! We shall see!

Friday, we didn't really talk to anyone because they gave us excuses or didn't have time. We were supposed to eat with the Relief Society but they were late. But had your gift cards mama (: so thank you so much!!!! we went to eat at sonic!! you are the best.  I bought me and my companion some shakes! You are seriously the best and all of your packages/presents are so thoughtful! Te amo mama, con todo mi corazon!!! lo guste tus regalos mucho!!! talvez, te llamare acerca de mi visa esta semana pero todo esta bien conmigo! no preocupes (: Gracias y te amo (:
Saturday after studies we were supposed to go to the Visitor Center with Felipe but he never showed up because he was working! So we went to his house and he said he'll go Sunday. But yesterday he didn't show up again, so we need to work with him. Oh and Saturday was 120 degrees,,,, sucked haha
Yesterday Carlos didn't come to church because he was sick. But the Ruelas Family came and they absolutely are so grateful to attend. They are so awesome! After church we went to Carlos's house and gave him a blessing! He felt better and so he actually came out with us yesterday night to teach! mama! sabes que? mi companero que fue en el ccm conmigo (Elder Winward) El esta serviendo en california, y me dijo que todos de los misioneros que fueron esperando por sus visas en california, ya se fueron a peru esta semana que paso! pero todovia Elder Winward esta en california, esperando como yo! entonces talvez, saldriamos juntos a peru pronto?! pero esta bien porque no importa dondequiera estamos serviendo porque es lo mismo! (: pues, yo pense que yo te contaria eso (: yo animado por cualquiera cosa paso (: Waiting for my visa has helped me be obedient because
I feel that if I am obedient, the lord will allow me to go to Peru so its pretty cool (: we shall see, maybe soon, who knows. but i'ts fun because Elder Winward and I are emailing in spanish! He has gotten really good at it! It's crazy because he weren't that good at it before in the MTC.  It's cool to see the Lord working through us!
Oh I forgot to tell you! I think that I have little crawling friends in my bed. I have a HUGE bite on my arm and its all red and it's about the size of a quarter. I have had it for about 5 days and its pretty itchy! and it won't go away haha I hope it goes away soon! then 2 nights ago I got another one on my bed! I am going to spray something on it though! but no worries! I think it's funny more than it is scary! (:
Today after we do everything, we are probably going to go do a 26 inch pizza challenge! Two people do it and they have an hour and if they win, they get a shirt and a picture on the wall! Man Vs. Food! haha I'm excited! But way to be Lehi 26th ward! I am so excited for all of you to go and serve! Work hard and never forget Heavenly Father is with you every step of the way!
I love you all. He loves you! Have a great week.
Elder Smith

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