Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, April 14, 2014

As missionaries we don't try to convince the people, we teach of what we know to be true and we testify of it, and it is their job to pray and figure out if it is true

What up everyone! Jealous I went to the beach? Haha

Anyway to start off...I have no idea where those cookies came from but that is disgusting, I remember before I left my friend Braiden came over with some cookies and they tasted bad and I guess we put them up there hahahaha but yeah ooops! (Mom found this plate of petrified cookies on top of Jake's closet after deep cleaning his room this past week. Lesson learned. Missionary Mom Tip of the Week: DO NOT wait one year to deep clean your son's room after he leaves. You never know what treasures you are missing out on!)

That is awesome that Tony was able to be there for Ed's birthday! Oh and happy birthday Ed! I miss you all and the food that Grandma makes too...well...I would kill to have that right now! Don't worry about the Easter'll come when it comes. I am not in any rush whatsoever.

Easter here in is a lot different than the states. This weekend is called La Semana Santa..¨Holy Week¨. I haven't been here for one yet but what I have heard is that they pick a Jesus Christ and he holds a big cross and walks through the town and everyone follows him and praises him and they drink A LOT. I am not really down with the whole big idea of following a fake Christ but whatever...I am not sure what we are going to do or if we will be able to work that much. They put on a ton of movies of Jesus in the city and so who knows, maybe the people will be more receptive!

Changes were this past week and I have a new district. One elder from Nevada and one sister from Arizona came in my district. The sister is from my group and she was in my district in Jaen as well! It is weird...the sisters of my group only have 5 months left of their mission! Crazy how time flies.

There is a baptism this weekend!!!! Laura is gonna get baptized this Saturday at 5. So far it seems pretty set up and Elder Supayabe and I are so happy to break the 6 month without baptims streak! So excited. This past week we left her with some great reading assignments from the Book of Mormon and that helped her out soooo much. This past week in District Meeting I taught about how to leave good commitments so that the investigators can progress and how the Book of Mormon is Key for someone's conversion. The Book of Mormon works miracles unto the peoples and it converts them. The Book of Mormon is what got my testimony so strong about this church. We are so excited for Laura. She never really had any doubts about the church and was so strong since day 1 and we were able to put the baptismal date early and she has been striving to achieve it! (:

We are also hoping to have a baptism with Jesus Ñique this 26th of April. As I have told you guys he has received the lessons since like 6 months ago but his wife kind of put doubts in his mind and he hasn't gotten baptized. But he attended General Conference last week but only 1 session and we were confused because we thought he would attend more but actually we went to his house this past week and he told us that he hooked it up on his TV and watched all of it! He has received a strong testimony of the church and he really wants to get baptized. He still has a lot of questions though, but he feels the spirit every time we teach him and it helps him out a ton. Last week we had a FHE with him and his neighbors.  His neighbors are from a different church and they asked sooo many questions. We were able to respond to every one of them and the spirit really guided us to scriptures and powerful testimonies. During my mission, my love for Hyrum and Joseph Smith has grown so much. His neighbors just tried to tear down Joseph Smith and the story of him. But I have learned on my mission that we need to stand up for the truth. I probably gave the boldest and strongest testimony I have probably given my whole entire life about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. To be honest I can't even remember what I said because the spirit truly worked through me. I hate how people try to tear down the Book of Mormon. It is so true and it is a marvelous book and we are so blessed to have it. I remember telling them that as missionaries we don't try to convince the people, we teach of what we know to be true and we testify of it, and we leave commitments and it is their job to pray and figure out if it is true. We have all the answers to your questions, but they  decide for themselves if they are true. . . Something like that is what I said. It was great. Before that FHE we always asked if we could have one but he said he didn't feel prepared but this time he did and he is really coming along. We talked with his wife and she is for it this time.. She also says that she wants to be together with him on this but we never really see her so it will take a little bit longer with her. But we are happy for the progress that is coming along in our area.

Anyway that is all for this week.
I love you all. He loves you
Elder Smith 

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