Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Lord has called me to a new area and so I will go!

Hello Everybody!
Wow that is crazy about Allison! This year has passed too fast. Even though I'm only like a 1 year and a few months older than Allison I feel like she should be 14 still in Jr. High School. But no! She is pretty much done with all the High School stuff! Well congrats baby sis!

That story about Braiden was really awesome! I know him actually! When I took that Peer Tutoring class for my senior year, I actually tutored Braiden for a little bit and he is such an amazing kid and I love that he just loves to talk! That is sooo amazing that he would just go to the picture of Jesus Christ and just talk to Him. I heard that the other day from a member that came out with us to teach. He explained that we must close our eyes while we pray and focus and picture that God is literally right in front of us so that we can express everything. Sometimes we just do the prayer just for doing a prayer...but every time he is listening and willing to bless us so we must strive to really try to communicate with him with a humble heart.

(Note From Elder Smith's Mom )I include the story Jake referenced above because I feel like it's one that everyone can be inspired by:  Yesterday at Allison's Seminary graduation, Brother Butler told us about this special needs boy that would usually come early and stop by his office to chat. Outside his office is a large painting of the Savior and Braiden often stopped there to pray aloud and have a real conversation with Him. Isn't that kind of faith and love so pure and honest and wonderful? He left us with a great little sentence that Braiden said during one of those prayers, "Lord, help me to stick to the good stuff!" That is seriously going to be in my head forever. I hope that we'll always be able to "stick to the good stuff!"  So much power in those simple words. I loved it. Allison said that is the main reason she is going into Special Education because it's so rewarding and you feel so good being around such perfect people.

Well folks...I have changes. I am leaving here tomorrow around 8:15 in the morning and the change meeting is at 8:30 am. I was kind of shocked when they told me that last night. I have completed 2 changes here...It has gone by pretty slow. I am sad to leave the members and the recent converts...but the Lord has called me to a new area and so I will go. I am excited too on the other hand to get to know more people. I don't know where I'll be going, tomorrow I'll find out.

I just said goodbye to Jesus Ñique and a few other members and I'll say goodbye to Laura and others later after I write all of you guys. This area of Jose Olaya has been difficult, but I have learned soo many things.

We met some awesome people this past week as well and Elder Supayabe should have more baptisms in June. Suzetty wants to get baptized in June, she just needs to attend church more. Also there are others and so I am happy that I will be leaving this area well off for Elder Supayabe. Jesus Ñique thanked me for helping him find the truth and he promised that he will never fall away and I know that that is true. We had another lesson with his neighbors and he gives such a strong testimony every time. He is so awesome. 

The other day we were walking in the street and a guy stopped us and said he wanted to talk. So we stopped for a while and all of a sudden he whips out his bible and says that he is a pastor of a church and started trashing on us. Elder Supayabe and I didn't really like that at all.  But we also understand that we need to defend the truth. Anyway after like 5 minutes of Bible bashing, we bore an awesome testimony about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. The man just looked at us and he had no idea of what to he closed his bible and just walked away!!! How cool! It really helped me to know that we have the truth. I love this gospel.

I am kind of nervous about tomorrow and where I will be going and who my next companion will be. But I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. I love this work and I am happy that I will be able to help other people out. I love you all sooo very much. I miss you guys.

I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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