Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Singing "Popcorn Popping" helped us feel safe

Man I love you all so very much!
Last Tuesday we went to the Temple as a zone. Probably one of the best Temple Experiences I have ever had. Yeah they did use the same script but I still loved it because of the acting and scenery! Man I want to go like every day! After the Temple, us and the Zone Leaders went to Backyard Taco. It is like Betos but it was free because the owner is a member! Later that night, we were riding our bikes on a dirt road and it was like pitch black and we were in a scary part of town. So we just decided to sing popcorn popping on the apricot tree! haha! It was so hilarious and it helped us feel safe!

Wednesday I got my visa! After we were done teaching Miguel, we looked at the phone and we had a missed call from the Ap's. We called them back and told me I got my visa and will be leaving the 13th! Ah! I just couldn't believe it! it is so crazy now to think I will be leaving to Peru and I can't wait (: But we taught Joanna Mata and her Daughter. Felipe, he moved to New Mexico because they got in a fight. So I think I am going to try and call so that we can have the missionaries go and visit him. But Joanna and her daughter has a date set for the 24th of August or so. I won't be able to be there but they are so strong and committed so they will for sure get baptized.
Thursday we bikes about 10 miles in 110 degree weather or so and it was terrible. The terrible part was that no one was really home! But this day was Elder Duff's 1 year mark and so the Ordonez family (members) got us some pizza and we celebrated it.
Friday nothing really happened so I will just skip to Saturday (: We had a cool experience. We were teaching Miguel in the Afternoon. If you remember he is 18 and is going to be a senior. He has a lot of Mormon friends. He doesn't really believe in God, but he always reads and pray just like we invite him to do. Well that night, the Zone Leaders had a baptism so we invited him to go with us and he went! After the baptism, I had the chance to talk to him. I asked him how he thought about it and he said it was really cool! Haha then I said, that is going to be you one day right? And he said, I hope so because everyone here looks very happy! I am so stoked to go back and teach him because I am going to set a date with him!
Sunday, I had the chance to bare my testimony at least one more time in sacrament meeting here. But this time, I was actually able to say a legit testimony, not just something I had memorized. After, a lot of members said my Spanish has increased a lot! Elder Duff said I am basically fluent but I don't think it is true! But I am so blessed that I am able to speak a lot more! (:
Well, my last full week in the states. I am going to go all out! This week, I am going to run myself in the ground, because I just want to end this part of my mission running hard! This past week, we had the most member present lessons in the zone with 27! 
Few Questions...Were you able to get my email for Allison? Also a really important question. What is the correct address for my Peru mission? You gave me the print out stickers but one is different than the other so please email me back asap so that I can have the correct address.
I am so happy for what you all have done for me and thanks for everything! 
Love you all. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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