Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Friday, August 16, 2013

Peru is sooo beautiful and sooo different!

Hey everyone,
One of the elders in the office told me that I should inform you that I am in Chiclayo Peru!!! Right now, Elder Winward and I are in the office, helping with errands for the Elders in the office and going on splits with elders who need someone. We will be going to our areas on Tuesday! We don't know exactly where yet, but they will tell us tomorrow. However we do know it is either Jaen or Cajamarca. Jaen is all jungle, and Cajamarca is all mountains! They told us that they think I am going to Cajamarca and Elder Winward to Jaen, but they are not exactly sure! But, the sweet thing is, is that they are both the most wanted places to go because they are so scenic! It is like the Coban in Guatemala of this mission so I am way excited! Both are about a 6 hour bus ride from the mission office so I will be going on Tuesday!
Yesterday I went on splits with this one elder to the poorest place I have ever seen! There was only dirt roads, tin shacks, homeless dogs everywhere, a huge field of trash, and only concrete or dirt floors! Oh and this was gross, while we were teaching a less active, she started breast feeding her 4 year old daughter right in front of us! Gross!!! I only took a few pictures because the Elder that I was with told me it was way too dangerous to take any pictures because they would rob us. But it was so humbling.  Oh hahaha my bad, it kind of sounded like I took pictures of the breast feeding lady but no!!! hahaha I meant of the city

Also, right now I feel a little sick already! We ate weird burgers yesterday, also a purple corn drink and a purple corn dessert and the texture was like boogers! I am not too sick, just a little fever and I feel weak. The good news is, is that I am in the office till Tuesday so I can rest until then.

Reunited with my MTC comps Elders Winward and Quiroz
We are pretty much in the central of Chiclayo and man oh man! The drivers are insane! They cut us off like every 2 seconds and we ride in little taxis or little motorcycles that have like carriers, and it seems like there are no street rules! But so far no accidents! It is so awesome here though! It is soooo beautiful and soooo different it is crazy but I am loving every second of it. Oh and this morning we had a meeting with 4 zones and I saw Elder Quiroz!! It was legit!

Well they gave me some chores to do so I better get going! It is so crazy that Everyone speaks Spanish, I have already learned so many new Spanish words but it is still really hard. But all is well loved ones! I love you all and I will email you on Monday! Also, we can only email for an hour here so it kind of stinks.
I love you all and all is well (:
Elder Smith

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