Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, August 19, 2013

Peru is freaking beautiful and is everything I ever wanted in my mission!

Hello Everyone!
Well, what a humbling week! I don't have too much time because there are a lot of Elders here in the office that are going home tomorrow so we all need a turn! Nothing really happened other than what I told you, I know you don't like that answer haha but it is true. Elder Winward and I mainly have just been chilling and studying together in the office. Also, I was able to call the families whose missionaries are coming home tomorrow and that was fun because all of the families were so excited! Peru is such a humbling experience because there are concrete floors with dirt piles inside the houses. Everyday a huge dump truck comes and rings a bell, then all of the people run out with tons of trash to throw it in! Also, no accidents still but I feel like I am going to die every time we get into a taxi!

Well I will start answering your questions!
The flight was pretty good. On the way to Atlanta I just tried to sleep so it was kind of boring. On the flight to Peru, it was pretty cool. I sat next to a guy from Lima and he was helping me with Spanish and everything. I started reading the book of Mormon and he started asking me about it, and then I asked him if he wanted to have it but he just said no thanks because he already has a religion and he is happy. But it was still cool to talk in Spanish for a long time.
So awesome to fly down with my MTC comp, Elder Winward.
 He went to California while awaiting his visa.
Arrived in Lima, just a little tired!
All of the Chiclayo bound missionaries at the Lima Temple

My first impressions of Peru. I freaking love it! The buildings are so cool and it is exactly imagined! Crazy drivers, with lots of honking, beautiful scenery, dirt roads, concrete floors, no carpet haha, no hot water to shower, the toilets are disgusting, but hey, you gotta love it (: Peru is freaking beautiful and is everything I ever wanted in my mission! There are elders here in the office, one from Guatemala and the other from Mexico and they both are saying that they really want to be my companion! Haha it is fun to be able to make friends with elders from different countries! So far I have had pretty much poop water when I go to the bathroom and always my stomach is turning and feeling weird but they say it is normal! I have been able to speak  Spanish well and it is sooo fun (: I love everything about Peru and I am so happy to finally be here!
Holy Inca Kola!
It's way legit being here with Winward, we are just chilling, we sometimes go on splits and we teach like 2 lessons a day. One of the Elders told me where I am going. I will be going to Jaen (hi en). It is kind of like Peru, surrounded by Jungle. He said there are a lot of snakes and I will be living with the ZL´s. My companion is a gringo. His name is Elder White. I saw a picture and he seems pretty cool and so I am excited. They told us, that I will most likely stay there for about 6 months since it is so far away. They said the Pdays are way legit because they hike to awesome waterfalls in the jungle and so I am really excited. Tomorrow I will be going on a 7 hour bus ride to get there! Elder Winward is going to Cajamarca.

President interviewed us, in Spanish. His Spanish sounds different but really easy to understand. He is sooo caring and loving and I just love the guy. He made me feel so comfortable that I should tell him everything that goes on. There is very little English, but I am doing okay. It is still pretty stressful but I am able to understand a little and speak what I need to say.

My fever is gone but my stomach is so messed up. It just always grumbles and moves and feels weird. But they say it is normal for the first couple of weeks. 

Man I am soooo happy to hear all of those amazing blessings that you all received! I am so excited for each and every one of you! That is awesome what happened with Jordan! I hope the same for Emily! Mom, I wish you only the best with your work! you are the best.

I also received a blessing. Ernesto Ruelas sent me an email with pictures of his daughter getting baptized! I am really sad that I couldn't be there but how amazing it is that there family has completely changed their life. He also told me that he will be doing online classes over BYU Idaho to be able to receive a better job! 

Well sorry that this is a little short because I have like no time, but I hope the pictures make it up! I love you all and please pray for me that I will be able to feel calm as I arrive in my first area in Peru tomorrow.

I love you. He loves you. 
Elder Smith

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