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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wow....what a week!

 Wow....what a week! For you guys and for me!

 Well my dear kind parents...Congratulations! You have helped us all get through High School and you have raised us so well in the gospel out to missions and serving others! It'll be weird next year to come home to an empty house but I know that we will still enjoy each other's company! I love you guys and congratulations Allison for graduating and as well as Solei! It is sooo weird for me to think that they are done with High School! But wooo hoo!! But yeah and I are tired!

The first week of every month for a Zone Leader is kind of a killer and usually don't have anytime to work. But thank goodness Elder Santos and I worked as much as we could and the week turned out pretty successful! The Zone Leaders from Jaen slept in our room Monday night since we had a Leaders Council Tuesday morning. The meeting was way cool! We put all the tables into a big square and we all pretty much faced each other talking about the mission and the zones. We looked at our last month's achievements and this month's goals. We also heard the things that we needed to teach and share with our zone. 

Wednesday in the morning we met up with the District Leaders of our zone and we gave them training on their responsibilities and we also talked about what we want to talk about during this coming month of June. We hope to teach them how to study and how to keep their hopes up through learning the Attributes of Christ and so I am excited! That night we didn't get to bed until like 12:30 because we had to plan everything that we wanted to talk about!

President Risso told us to teach the Zone how we need to be when he leaves and when the new President comes. President Risso is so amazing, I had my last interview with him, and I will never forget the words that he told me.  President Williams comes in like the 27th of June I think. We assigned some District Leaders to teach and at the end Elder Santos and I taught about the things that we are able to obtain and gain from the mission. (La Mision
Lograr una vision
Amar a las personas
Mejorar nuestra forma de ser
Inspirar las vidas de las personas
Seguidores verdaderos de Cristo
Olvidar de nosotros mismos
Nuevas personas
It was a lot of fun! Also the zone bought me a cake for my birthday that is this month! Nuts!

We were gonna have a baptism this past week but it fell through. She wanted to do it and she has a testimony of the church, she just wants to get married first and then get baptized. 

The rest of the week we spent traveling to parts of our zone to do some baptismal interviews, trainings, and room checks for sisters who wanted to move. It was a tiring week.

But I love my area! We are working soo hard and so effectively. There are a lot of teenagers as well who are helping us as much as they can. Yesterday we watched a movie with them in our pencionist's house. It reminds me a lot of our ward with all the fun teenagers and kids.

Mom good luck on your talk up at camp! Just talk about how lucky they are to have the temple so close...I miss it soo much and people here in Peru have to sacrifice so much just to go like once a year if that!
I love you all. He loves you
Elder Smith

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