Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Be happy family! He loves you - HE DOES!

 Eating Mcdonalds! Finally! (Oreo Mcflurry)
Hello my dear loved ones!
Well yeah I am kind of feeling weird about me being 20 years old. I'm done being a teenager! Here comes life! It's also weird to think that last year I was in Arizona as a little greenie. I remember it like it was yesterday and I feel that this past year flew by. Its going to be weird to tell people that I'm 20 years old! I was really a happy teenager and I'll miss the years but it's time for the next chapter. Thankfully I'm on the mission learning how to be a good father, spouse, son, brother, and friend. I have learned so much during my time here in Peru, it is insane. Especially all these leadership responsibilities. 

I'm excited though for tomorrow! Today I picked up your package (: Thank you so much. I haven't opened it yet though because if I do I'll get robbed. The package didn't pass customs and so I had to go to an office today in Chiclayo and pick it up. But all went well and they didn't touch anything (:
 Saying goodbye to Elder Santos
and a new suit - Happy Birthday to me!
Goodbye to Elder White (my first companion in Peru)

Anyways...tomorrow at 7 at night my pencionista is going to have a little party for me. She invited a lot of the ward  and so they are going to go over and eat cake and stuff. So I am pretty excited. The only thing is that they are probably gonna drown me in eggs. That is the tradition here. Get the person dirty with eggs and flour, haha I'm nervous. Also in the morning we have a zone meeting. So I'll be able to be with the zone as well! I think I'll have a good birthday (:
 Zone Activity Today
1. My new companion, Elder Chavez from Lima Peru
2. Eating at a legit burger place with huge hamburgers
3. We watched a movie together, but we're missing a lot of missionaries in this picture.
My new companion is named Elder Chavez and he is from Lima. He hasn't been Zone Leader yet and so I am teaching him all the responsibilities. But he is way legit and he works really hard. We actually met in Jaen. We were in the same zone over there. We are really helping the zone and the best thing I would say is that we are working as a team. The zone is working really hard and we have 11 baptismal dates. We put in a new key indicator of baptismal dates and it helped a lot. Elder Chavez and I had to help the zone in a lot of aspects this past week, but I love how we work as a team.  

Hahaha Dad I love what you said about soccer. (that there is no sports news this week except for soccer, and that’s not news) People here are crazy about the world cup, but I'm not that into it. That's interesting about how you told me about Ether 12. That's where I'm reading write now. I actually read it this morning. I'm almost done with the Book of Mormon. But yeah I always love to teach from that chapter of the Book of Mormon. 

Thank you for your advice and message on learning to have more charity in life. That is something that I am for sure working on. Yesterday while we were eating lunch, I received a call about a brand new sister that came in the mission last week from California was feeling really homesick and wanted to go home. My companion and I left right after lunch to their area that is about 30 minutes away and I was able to talk to her and help her out. It was really cool for me to help someone like that in need. She and I set some goals and I shared experiences that happened to me on the mission. I shared quotes, scriptures, and at the end we gave her a blessing. It was really amazing. Today at the zone activity she was happy and we are gonna watch after her a little bit more.  

President and Sister Williams are coming this Friday and President and Sister Risso leave this Saturday. I am kind of sad. But I am ready for it I guess. I'll miss them a lot. They have been probably the greatest leaders that I have had in my life. But I know the next President will receive revelation as well and I will listen and obey him.

As for my area, it is going really really great. We have 2 baptismal dates in July. One with Alexis. The 17 year old who needs permission. Pray for him please. And Jenny. She is 23 and has 2 little girls. She has been listening to the missionaries for about 2 months now and she is doing really well and we are kind of just waiting for time to pass and keeping her spirits up so that she can get baptized this 12th of July for her birthday!

Oh!!! Cool story time. About a week and a half ago...Elder Santos and I were walking down this one street and we saw this 30 year old woman with her 2 little girls outside of her house eating oranges. We both decided to go and talk to her. She is from Jaen! She has been catholic her whole life like everyone else here but she never really liked it. This past Saturday, after being rejected all day long...Elder Chavez and I were kind of down and wanted to get something productive out of the day. We went to go teach her and we sat down in her house and she explained to us that she wants to join this church!!! After the lesson, Elder Chavez and I grabbed each other and started jumping up and down with joy haha. Yesterday she came to church for the first time and absolutely loved it! We just need to put a baptismal date with her this week and finish the lessons. She will most likely get baptized this month in July. I am so happy with my area. I couldn't be any happier right now and I know that the Lord really his helping us out. We worked really hard this past week.

I miss all of you so much. It's weird to think that next year for my birthday, I will be there with you guys. But be happy family...we have the gospel in our lives. I have learned so much and I have seen so many unhappy families on my mission. We are blessed to have each other. We are blessed to live where we live. We are blessed to have been born in the church. We are blessed for the scriptures. I can go on all day. But everyone. Just be happy okay? I Love you all. He loves you....HE DOES!!!
Elder Smith

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