Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, June 16, 2014

One of the coolest stories of my mission so far I think!

In another area of my Zone called Monsefu.
Wow oh wow!! You guys had a really long and fun week! Good ole summer! I can't wait to spend next summer with you guys! That is pretty disgusting about Shane and how he threw up on Allison. Haha that reminds me that I threw up all over Allison when I was about 10 on a plane ride. Do you remember that and I totally missed the bag?Haha! Finally Allison got a job!!! I tried applying at Zupas, but they didn't hire me. But congrats Allison! I am excited for you to actually start working there! I'm sure you will like it and good luck on your test!

First, I am sorry if the stuff that I write doesn't make sense. Because I am soooo tired!!!! Last night, Elder Santos and I picked up some Elders from the Zone Guadalupe and one is named Elder Rich, and the other went home today. I said goodbye to Elder Santos today, as well as Elder White (my first companion in Peru)! He had 13 months when we got put together and now he is taking off!! Right now I am with Elder Rich. A 6 foot 6 gringo from Ogden. He is a stud. He played basketball and hopes to play when he gets back. Actually when he played here in Peru, he tried dunking the basketball with his ring on and his finger pretty much flew off and now he doesn't have his ring finger of his right hand. Anyway he isn't my companion, he is just here until changes tomorrow when I will get a new Elder assigned to be with me.

At night I am going to pick up Elder Flores from the bus station!! I am way stoked to see him. Tonight 8 elders are going to sleep in our apartment.  Mainly elders from Jaen who have a change. I am going to die! So many Elders! And last night I didn't get to bed till 2 in the morning because Elder Santos packed, we stayed up to talk, and I just couldn't sleep. And tonight I don't think I will get to sleep because of the 8 elders that will be here.  

Oh and about changes, I don't think it will affect my return date of March 10th because this last change was only 4 weeks and this change right now that is coming up is an 8 week long change. So it's like normal! 

This is the view from my roof. (Mom asked the question, "Why are all the buildings only half finished?") What I have heard is that if they finish the building all the way, they have to pay more. And a lot of people like to dry their clothes on top of the roof.

 A legit member in our ward took us to eat at a really nice, expensive restaurant. We had A LOT of meat. The grilled cow tongue deserved a picture all of it's own. It wasn't that bad! It tasted way better than the regular meat that we eat here everyday.

I won't be training a new missionary. I have to be with another Zone Leader. But I heard my next companion has never been a Zone Leader before, so I will be in charge. I am actually feeling okay about it though. We have a lot of changes in the zone, a lot of the sisters are leaving. But I am excited to see where things go. I have some ideas I want to put into the zone to help it a little bit more. But yeah...I'll have to basically train the new Zone Leader all the responsibilities and stuff. The good things is that I love my area sooo much. All the young men and women help us sooo much. 

This past week we put a baptismal date with a 17 year old kid named Alexis. He has been going to seminary every morning at 6 and comes to church every Sunday. He is really excited. My area is amazing. I love the members and the kids.

Elder Supayabe (my comp from my last area) wrote me today and said that Jesus Ñique was able to baptize one of the investigators that I taught over there! He was a cousin of one of the young men in our ward. And when I left we put a baptismal date with him and he got baptized yesterday and Jesus Ñique(my convert)...baptized him! One of the coolest stories of my mission so far I think!

I'm kind of feeling sick right now...just a lot of mixed emotions and nervous about this change.
I love you. He loves you
Elder Smith

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