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Monday, February 3, 2014

I felt like Oprah Winfrey or Dr. Phil in that lesson

Well I would say that this month of January has been the slowest month of my mission, but this past week was one of the fastest. Man, the super bowl sounded like a lot of fun...maybe not a good game but a fun party! I honestly miss all that food...Haha yesterday I saw one of the elders from California and said the "Super Bowl!" but in a sad tone of voice and we gave each other a hug saying, "the food...the commercials...American football....ah I want it!" Hahaha!  But don't worry, yesterday for my delicious super bowl meal...I had a fried egg over a mound of rice and a side of the greasiest french fries ever haha so it was just great....I miss all you guys though.  My yes my mission is really starting to pick up speed it is kind of weird. The next change is at the end of this month, the 25 of February and I am the 2nd Elder in the zone with the most time. I am a little excited to experience new things but I need to enjoy every day I have here in Jaen.

This week went by so fast. This past Tuesday, Elder Coons, the elder from California came with me in my area for a day of splits. It was awesome because in the night, our pencionista, Hna. Deydi, made us pancakes and Elder Coons brought Peanut Butter and Nutella that his family had sent him and it was so delicious! Good ole American Food...I miss it..

I don't know if I told you guys but we are teaching a boy named Jimmy who is 14. His mom is so nice and awesome and really wants him to get baptized this Saturday but the Dad isn't along with it. What was cool though is that last week in church she signed up to give us lunch yesterday so we hoped we could go and meet the dad a bit better. However we went over and she had forgotten. But we are gonna eat with them a little later on she promised.

This past Thursday...well...another sick day for me in the mission. I woke up feeling a little dizzy with my body hurting but I thought it wasn't too bad so at 10 we left to go work but I got worse and so we came back so I could rest until lunch but I couldn't sleep because my body ached sooo bad. At lunch the pencionista got worried because she thought I had dengue, (a strong sickness here) and I came back and took my temperature with a 101.8 degree fever! I was burning! It isn't too fun to have a high fever with no air conditioning or fans to cool you off. So I tried to rest with a wet towel over my face because we had important lessons that afternoon so I prayed that Heavenly Father would allow me to go and work for at least those appointments and after about 2 hours of resting I felt good enough to go work. So we were able to go for a bit and we taught Karen. The lesson we had was very cool because she really wants to get baptized,  but she is going to Lima for a little bit and so we have to see what will happen later on. After that I got way exhausted out of nowhere and could barely walk and so we returned and I rested till dinner.

Friday, thankfully the fever was gone and we were able to work just fine. We went back to Karen and taught her with her mom. Karen is only 14 years old but she went crazy there  yelling with her mom. They started to argue and raise voices and it was awkward...her mom wants her to change and Karen disagreed and they argued about a lot of things. Haha I felt like Oprah Winfrey or  Dr. Phil in that lesson trying to give advice so that they could talk just the 2 of them and put goals together. So I think it will take more time for Karen.

Yesterday an investigator came to church for the 1st time! He is the son of the man who was in a car accident and is on bed rest for about 6 months and can't move his legs or his left hand quite yet. We found him about a month and a half ago and he has always wanted to come to church but he had to stay behind and take care of his dad because his other brother hasn't been in town, but this week his brother came and Jose came! We were so happy. Now if he attends church next week he will be able to get baptized the 15th of this month. So let's all pray for that!

I am excited for this week. President and Hermana Risso are coming to Jaen!  On Wednesday and Thursday we will be able to hear from them!

As for me I am doing pretty well. If you could send me some contact solution that would be great because I ran out and I bought some more but it makes my eyes red and it is expensive.

Oh funny story, as I said last week that this time of month everyone throws water balloons and buckets of water. Yesterday as we were walking home from church, 5 girls started to chase us with buckets of water and we had to run like a block and a half and we eventually got away!

I don't have any pics this week...sorry... But I love you all. He loves you

Elder Smith

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