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Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Grandma and Emily this coming weekend!

Well I am happy that you guys are all doing very well and what an exciting week that you have a head of you! Happy Birthday to Grandma and Emily this coming weekend and go Broncos for the Super Bowl.

Well Bryan...we couldn't find him this past week. We went to his house at the beginning of the week and his grandma told us that he went to Piura and would come back Friday. So Friday came and we went to see if he was there and then the grandma told us that he might have moved to his moms house in Arequipa. So we are going to see what really happened this coming week hopefully. Which is a bummer but he really wanted to get baptized.

With the boy Jimmi, we are looking forward to put a baptismal date with him tomorrow for the 8th of February! So we hope that he will get baptized this month of February. But a couple of cool things happened this past week. We have an area named Fila Alta and it is about 10 minutes away on a moto. There is a family. Their son is on a mission in Honduras, he left while I was here, there other 21 year old son is a member. Well the parents aren't members and the mom really wants to get baptized but she isn't married...We have been working for about 5 months with them so that they can get married and baptized but the father doesn't really want to get married. Well around 3 days ago, we told our bishop to head up there so that he could talk to them. Then the next day we went over and the mom told us that her husband put a marriage date for the 28th of February! They are planning on getting married and baptized this month! The sad thing is that the 28th of February is like 3 days after the change so I might not be here to see it. But I am so excited to hear about it and continue to work with them so that they can complete this goal.
Also we found an investigator there whose family is a member. His name is Santiago and is 50 years old. He has a really weird sickness where he can't move his hands or feet and he is very week. Like literally is hands just dangle there and he lays in bed all day. We gave him a blessing last week and this past week we have been teaching him. He is so awesome because he reads and prays and knows everything. He wants to attend church, but it would require me and Elder Flores carrying him in a moto taxi and carrying him up the stairs to Ssacrament meeting. We are willing to do it, it is just that he had some family members that visited him this past Sunday so he couldn't attend.

During this upcoming month and February is when everyone has a huge water balloon fight, every day! It is mainly just girls against boys and sometimes a random girl or boy is walking down the street and BLAM! Out of nowhere comes a water balloon. They have attacked us like 4 times right now haha it is sure fun.
 I love you. He loves you!
Elder Smith

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