Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, January 6, 2014

I love the Lord, our Heavenly Father, and this work with all my heart!

Hey Family
It rained a lot today!
First off, congrats to Ella and Lynlee for getting baptized this past week. It makes me so happy that our family is sooo strong in the church and I hope it was a great baptism!

The party was pretty lame for the stake...we showed up around 8:30 and no one came until like 9:45 and then we left around 10:30. We pretty much just listened to music, ate, and left. Haha then during the New Year countdown, I was asleep. I was just sooo tired and around 12:04, my companion woke me up and said "Happy New Year!" I looked out the window and saw about a million fireworks so that part was cool but nothing amazing happened because I flippin fell asleep!

This week has really been a blessing for me. I have been praying so hard that there would be a baptism soon. We were going to have one this past week but Dionicio started to work so we never found him. We found him once this past week though and put a date for him for the 25th of this month. Also this week on the 11th we have a baptism planned for Paul, the little boy whose brother recently got baptized. We are really happy for him, but a little nervous because his mom said that she would only sign the paper for him to be baptized if he assists every Sunday, and Paul was right there and so I think he got a little scared of that. But we are going to visit him everyday this week. We had soooo many lessons this past week, it was insane.  I came home and just fell on my bed every night. In total we had 28 lessons with the investigators and like 12 lessons with in active members and recent converts, so we worked like animals. We have 4 baptismal dates in total for this month so we are praying really hard that we will be able to accomplish our goal of 4.

This could be my last week here in Jaen. I am not sure. I will find out this Friday or Saturday. But next week, try to write me on Sunday because I might spend pday traveling.  So if I have transfers I am going to write you guys early on Monday morning. Anyway, I am kind of nervous if I will go. I really have enjoyed my time here in Jaen and I have been able to get to know many many people. Also Elder Flores is sooo legit and he is like a brother to me so it would be sad to leave but I am happy with the work that I have done here. My goal in every area is to leave it better than I found it, and I feel I completed that goal. 
The chicken I killed for Christmas Dinner!
Elder Flores and I doing another awesome Christmas Missionary Rap!
I hope you have a wonderful week of work and school! Finish this school year strong everybody. I miss all of you guys so much. I really count my blessings for all the things I have. We are so blessed that our we, as a  family, are all members of the church and that we can live in Utah.  I really do miss the life over there, but I love the mission so much and I love the Lord, our Heavenly Father, and this work with all my heart!
I love you. He loves you
Elder Smith

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