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Monday, February 17, 2014

Possible last week in Jaen

 Me with my District Leader on splits
What a week it has been but such a fun and amazing one!
We had a district party and we bought like 50 cent hamburgers so we bought like 3 each and then we played some card games in the house of one of the pencionistas here in Jaen! That was so much fun. Our district right now is pretty legit and I will miss being here in Jaen. This is the last week of the change and so we will receive the news this Saturday! I think I might leave and it will be weird. I have been here since August! I came with 5 months and if I leave, I will be leaving with about 11 months! Crazy right? But my goal is to work hard until it is my turn to go!
Our zone t shirt with the baptism symbol because we always baptize the most in the mission!

We had a baptism this week!
His name is Robin! Like I said to you guys last week that his sister is a member but she moved to Lima about 2 months ago and he stayed behind. He learned everything so fast and is so committed and so he got baptized (: He always arrives to everything early and is always ready to learn and grow. He will be a strong member for sure and so that is super exciting!

Well Thursday, it was a pretty rough day for Elder Flores and I. We went to Fila Alta. There is a family and the mom really wants to get baptized but the dad didn't want to get married so she couldn't. About a month ago she told us that they had put a marriage date for the 28th of February so we got way excited about that! But Thursday we went over and the guy said that he wasn't quite sure anymore and so she got really down and sad. Her name is Maritza and she has a son on a mission in Honduras and another son that is a member and he wants to serve. Man she wants to get baptized so bad! Well yesterday after lunch we went back to our house and suddenly we heard someone scream my name from the street and it was Maritza with her son! So we rushed down the stairs, wondering what had happened and she said to us, I am going to get married on the 28th! So we jumped for joy and now we are starting on their papers so that they can get married and she will get baptized next week! We aren't quite sure the dad will get baptized yet but we shall see! The only sad news is that they will get married like 3 days after I leave...if I get changed!

Then with the investigators Jose Martin that lives there in Fila Alta. We always put a baptismal date with him but it is hard for him to attend church because of his dad who is sick in bed. But this past week we worked with him a lot and prayed for him a lot as well. As we were there in Fila Alta and I had a feeling that we should search for his older brother and see if he could stay behind to take care of his dad so that Jose could attend church. So after talking to Jose we left his house to look for his older brother because he wasn't there. So about 30 minutes we found him and he told us that he would stay behind!!! Yesterday....Jose Martin attended church!!! So now we are praying that we will be able to baptize him this weekend! Ah I am so happy (:
I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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