Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, September 30, 2013

Baptisms, Migraines, and Coconuts!

Well what a week Elder White and I had. At the beginning of the week, everything started off really well with tons of lessons, excited investigators, and we were just working so hard. But during the middle of the week, we had to have the interview for the baptism of Karla. While we were teaching her, she was living in the house of her grandma and so we got permission from her grandma since Karla is only 14 years old . Her grandma is so legit and she always offered us some food and something to drink since it is a million degrees outside! The reason that she was living with her grandma was because her mom and step dad are complete drunks and they started fighting with one another. But during this week, or the week of  Karla's baptism, Karla started to miss her mom and so she moved back with her mom. The problem was that we had to then get permission from her parents. But her parents were so drunk when we went over and tried to get permission. Karla still wants to get baptized. But it might take just a few more weeks. Please pray so that we will be able to talk to her parents. 
Then with Graciela, Pamela, and Daniel. Everything pretty much went well. The day of the baptism, they all showed up and were ready to get baptized. Haha Daniel was such a little stud and he ran up to me and asked if I could baptize him. Haha I was like "Yeah!!! of course!!!" So, Pamela got baptized first by Elder White, next Graciela got baptized by our bishop, and then Daniel was going to get baptized by me. What they didn't tell us, is that he never has been under water before. Plus the font is freezing cold. We tried for like 30 minutes to get him baptized. But he just couldn't enter fully in the font. We tried lowering the font a little bit, we tried bringing in a chair but like nothing worked. He was too scared. We couldn't do it that day. I felt so bad because he was so embarrassed and didn't want to talk the rest of the night. But we plan to go to a swimming pool tomorrow. We can't enter but we are going to bring the bishop so he can get used to going under water because he still wants to get baptized. We plan on baptizing him on the 13th with one of his friends. Please pray for him as well.

Yesterday was miserable for me, well, and a little today. I have my first migraine. Man it is just terrible. My brain just feels like it is going to burst. Yesterday night it got pretty bad that I got really dizzy and threw up. Today it isn't as bad. But I hope it goes away soon. We are still continuing to work because we have important lessons. So yeah that was our work! Kinda crazy right!
Today for p day we went to a members house that is like in the jungle. He gave us coconut water, sugar cane, and his wife fed us! Pretty much just a day to relax! It was really fun!
I count my blessing everyday for having you all as my family. You guys are so amazing! I really do miss you all so much, but I know I need to be serving the Lord at this time of my life! I love you all. He loves you! Enjoy conference!
Elder Smith

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