Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, September 16, 2013

The whole entire day we are like go go go!

Hello everyone! Happy PDay!!!
Man it sounds like you all had so much fun down in St. George! I was quite jealous! Yeah the temple there is so legit and I was so happy that I got to go inside with the priests quorum a few years ago! How weird that you went on a trip without me! I remember when we went on trips to Arizona without Jordan and it was weird! Its nuts that it is my turn to be on a mission and I am almost at 6 months! How crazy right? Well Jordan it is your birthday this week. I wrote you a letter today and I hope to send it soon. Just know that I didn't forget about you and I am way sorry about your shoulder, maybe by the time it heals, I will be home and we can work out again haha! But you all look so great and I am so happy you got to take a little vacation to my third home St. George. 1st (Lehi) 2nd (Arizona) 3rd (St. George) haha. Mary Poppins sounded like it was great! Hahaha Allison smooth move, you never fail to hurt yourself! But I hope your toe heals soon as well.

Congrats to Bailey Tuttle on her call to Argentina! Our ward will have so many Spanish speakers But I feel so bad for the Fullers. I will for sure start praying for them and fasting for their little girl. Let them know of my love!

Well this week was pretty legit! We were blessed to have two baptisms this past week and they went really well! Cristian got baptized on Saturday and Ocner got baptized yesterday! They both were just so happy and they have strong testimonies. At the end of the baptism they stood up and bore their testimonies and Ocner almost started to cry because the spirit was so strong. His goal is to serve a mission in about a month.

We also have 4 more baptismal dates!

A teenager that is 17 years old will be baptized this saturday and his name is Jose. He is the one that we got permission from last week. Also, the week after that, 3 of our investigators will get baptized.  2 of them are a mom and her son. (Graciela and Daniel). Their friend brought them to church one week and from there, we started visiting them and teaching them. Graciela is so nice and she always gives us some food to eat! She reminds me a lot of Carlos and the Ruelas Family! Her son Daniel is 9 years old and believe it or not he is really interested in the church and reads all of the things that we leave for them! Graciela also has a daughter named Pamela. But she is really busy so we haven't had the chance to visit with her yet. But I am sure she will get baptized as well!

Then we have a 14 year old girl named Karla and yesterday her grandmother signed the form for her to get baptized! She will get baptized with Graciela and Daniel on the 28th! She already has read like all of the pamphlets!

Gosh I just feel so blessed right now and I really see how hard work pays off! The whole entire day we are like go go go! Even when we don't have a set lesson, we go contacting, or we go to less active members house! Things are going really good here. It is extremely hot and we walk a ton! But I am feeling a lot more happier with the work I am doing. ! Elder White and I are killing it and we will just keep on going!

My stomach is better again.  It always is off and on. My Spanish is improving a whole bunch and I am getting used to everybody speaking Spanish. I am still studying super hard on it and I hope that it will continue to grow! I know exactly how Jordan felt. It really is a dagger to the heart when the members say that my Spanish is terrible. I guess that they just don't understand how much it takes. But I am learning just to look past that and keep pushing on. What is helping me a whole bunch is just staying focused on the work. Like when I heard that you went to St. George without me, I was just a little jealous but I was really happy for you guys and it doesn't really make me homesick anymore. I guess the reason for that is because we are working really hard and the Lord is really helping us out and has blessed us. Spanish is getting a little better. I am starting to understand a little more and have had a little bit more confidence. I will just keep on pushing on! You are right Dad, I have a lot of changes coming up on my mission and I just have to work hard everywhere I go!

Yesterday was pretty cool! We met as a whole stake. Kind of like Stake Conference but we had a special broadcast from Utah for the whole country of Peru! Elder Bednar and Elder Scott both spoke! Elder Bednar had a translator and Elder Scott actually spoke way good Spanish! I was pretty surprised! But it was cool because we had tons of investigators there with us! Oh and by the way, yesterday in the broadcast, I totally forgot her name, but the lady who directed the hymns was the wife of Jordan's mission president. The ones that already returned! It was crazy! Because she pretty much directed like all of  Peru! I like freaked out when I saw her!

This past week was a really good and fast week! I think that this change will go by pretty fast because we have 4 more baptisms to work with! Oh and the new change just started last week!

That is sooooo legit about Lehi!!!!!!! Finally we beat Westlake! Now it is time for BYU to beat Utah!!! Go cougs!

Well I love you all. He loves you.
Thanks for everything you do for me.
Elder Smith

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