Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Apartment and 3 baptisms coming up!

Hey everyone!!   It is such a great thing to be able to hear from you every single week! It really is a blessing! Way to go Dad about your suit! Man when I come back, I am not going to be able to recognize you! It sounds like you are doing amazing and keep up the work! I can't even imagine what you look like! That is awesome about  our fruit trees as well! I really do miss peaches! It is a rule here that we can't have strawberries and so I miss them as well! But my mouth totally watered when you told me about your cream cheese peach cobbler Mom! Holy Yum!!!!!

That is so crazy about Michael and Jacob! Neighbors/best friends called to the same mission! I am so stoked for them! Allison, have fun at homecoming! Gosh I am sorry how quickly I have to  reply to all of your guys' news! I just don't have that much time because this stupid internet cafe! But please know that I care about everything little thing that you guys are telling me!

This past week has been such a miracle week! My Spanish is pretty much the same, but I am able to teach okay. It is kind of getting annoying because all the investigators are saying that I speak bad Spanish because they aren't used to hearing an accent! To be honest it kind of puts me down but all is well. A few days ago we have started to move into a better apartment because the other one was filled with cockroaches and it was nasty! Our apartment is really nice right now. Still cold water, no a/c and a disgusting bathroom, but it is still a little better with no bugs.... well...for now! The only thing is that it is in a scary part of town and everyone thinks they are going to rob us and so I won't be carrying my camera as much anymore! But while we were moving, we couldn't fit the dressers up the  stairs and we live on the 3rd floor and so we had to tie a rope and haul 2 huge dressers up by pulling! It was kind of crazy!

My stomach is getting back to where it was...a little stick.  The other day I had like 3 close calls! I almost turned into a real missionary /haha Jordan will know what that is if you guys don't/.  But all went well and I got to use a members bathroom.

We have 3 baptismal dates!
Christian is going to be baptized this saturday at 7 pm. He is a little stud and we are so excited for him. His family is really less active. But him and his older brother who is 14 always attend church and so it is really cool!

We also will be having another baptism this Saturday! We have an investigator who is 17 and his name is Ocner. We have only taught him about twice but yesterday around 8 at night we received a phone call from the branch president and told us to go to the church and so we went and found Ocner in the office of the bishop and the bishop told us that he wants to be baptized this saturday and has already made it a goal to go on a mission! Once he gets baptized and confirmed, he will be the ward mission leader! He is so legit! We are going to his house this night at 7 to get the signature from his mom! We will be teaching him every day this week so that he can be prepared! pretty legit right!

Then we have an investigator, Jose who is also 17 and we have been teaching him ever since I got here and we just couldn't ever get the signature from his mom but this past week we went with a returned missionary and he helped us out a ton and we got his moms permission. He will be baptized on the 21st of September! This is so exciting!

Well I am still having a little difficulty with the Spanish but I have noticed that I am understanding a lot more and I know I will be able to do it! I just get a little nervous about everything.  Mom you know  how I am!

But I am sorry that there are no pictures this week. I tried to load some but it just kicked me off! but next week!

Last night at dinner we were eating and we heard some people screaming and so we booked it to the window to see what was happening and we saw some robbers try to steal a purse from an old lady but a security guard shot some bullets up in the air and they bounced! It was kinda crazy! Gotta love Peru. But it such a privilege to be a missionary. Sometimes it is quite overwhelming but every day it's worth it and I know that this is my time to serve a mission. Thank you so much for those awesome quotes. Well that is all this week.

I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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