Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don't worry

What a relief it is to hear from you Mommy!
That is so amazing that you had the chance to converse with the mom of Junior and I am so happy that he is on a mission! That is so cool how that just all worked out and that she is from Peru!
I hope that Jordan continues to feel better with his shoulder. The zone leaders finally sent his letter that I wrote him this past week. 
Man, your conference weekend sounds so amazing that you guys had. I really missed all of the things that you always make. I was like craving that the whole time of conference. But I know that I only have 2 more conferences then I will be home. But we watched conference here in the stake center. It's not far at all. All of the gringos went in the room to watch it in English. Haha for priesthood we brought tons of snack for everyone. It was awesome. 

Okay I have a lot to tell you all.
Monday night I just got soooo sick and I couldn't sleep and I threw up. We called our District leader, Elder Rich, from Orem Utah (He knows Emily by the way!!). He and I went to the clinic. They gave me the worst shot I have eeeevvverrr had and they put it in my butt. It was like peanut butter entering for like 7 seconds. I couldn't get off the bed for like 5 minutes after. There is still a bruise.

The next morning we went to the hospital to take some blood tests. The results came out negative. So we went back to the same clinic as the night before and they sent us to another doctor for another analysis. But they said I don't have anything. They gave me more medicine. Thursday I tried to work. We went to a girls house named Stefani. She is eight years old and the first lesson we set a baptismal date for her and got permission from her mom! It was awesome. She will get baptized the 26th of this month. It was cool thought because at first her mom said no. But then I just followed the spirit and told her all the good things that come from baptism and after she told me yes! But then in the night I got really sick again.

Friday we called the president to see what we should do and he told me to rest until Sunday. But we still had more appointments with doctors during the day. Elder Rich and I went to a doctor that is in our ward. He sent us to a different doctor for more blood tests! The same, nothing. Then we went to the Dr. member's house, his wife is sending my blood samples and tests to Lima to see what happens.  They said it could have been dengue fever which is a disease from the mosquitos.

Saturday I felt pretty well and conference was so amazing. I love the talk by Elder Holland because he talked about exactly what I needed to hear. Basically how to overcome stress. President and Elder Rich talked and they think I am pretty stressed out and that is what is causing all my headaches. But all is well because I am feeling a lot better and it is pretty much gone.
Okay the big news. . . Since Elder Rich was with me all of this week. He told president that it would be better if we were just companions because he knows what to do if I get sick again. He is soooo amazing. He knows like everything about the mission. He reminds me a lot of Sam Jennings. So today president put me with him. I pretty much will be with him until he ends his mission in the beginning of December. I am happy to be with him, because I will learn a lot. But I am so sad that I left my area, with a lot of baptisms. 

I love you so much Mom.  I wouldn't want any other mom than you. I will take all of the advice that you just gave me. Thanks for everything. But seriously I promise I am fine now.  Don't worry. I am still in Jaen just a little bit down the block where there aren't as many motos!  Mom! Elder Rich and I bought machates today! Boooyah! 
I love you all, He loves you.
Elder Smith

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