Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kind of Sad to get a transfer

Hi everyone, and Happy Memorial Day!
I hope it’s going good.
Last p-day we went to the zoo and it was so much fun! We took some awesome pictures and just had a blast!
But then I was transferred to Apache Junction on Tuesday because an elder got his visa to Peru and so his companion was left alone. Since I was in a trio, they put me out here. The real change is in 2 weeks. We were at the zoo and we saw that we had a missed call from the President. I was freaking out because I thought it was going to be about my visa. . . but no. I was so sad to leave my investigators, especially the Jimenez family.  Before I left we had a lesson with them and so I was able to say goodbye. I gave Jose (the dad) one of my ties. He really appreciated that. I just love them so much. I will have to come back to visit them for sure!
But  yeah, I'm pretty sad right now. Its just sad because I was finally getting to know the area, the ward, and the zone and I loved my companions. I really didn't want to leave. But sometimes I guess I just need to remember that this mission isn't about me. It's just hard to have left the Jiminez family that I love so much and my companions. Elder Seymour said that as a visa waiter, you really don't stay in the same area the whole change because they always need emergency companion placements.

Also, Tuesday, before I was transferred, we went to the Mesa Temple and did a session. It was really cool! My new companion is Elder Eskeets, from Ogden UT. He's been out about a year and a half. He's pretty funny and we have gotten along so far. 
When I finally arrived in Apache Junction, I had a cool experience. We went to this trailer park and knocked on a door. A man answered and he told us that he had lost his Bible so he wasn't able to read it anymore. I felt prompted to give him a Book of Mormon, and so I did. Then I bore my testimony of it, and as I did so, I felt chills all over my body.  The investigator said he felt really peaceful when I bore my testimony, so that was really cool!

The area that we are in is a car area so I probably won't ride a bike for 2 more weeks or more if I don't get transferred again. Also I have heard that the branch isn't as strong and they don't have a lot of success out here.  I'm living in a smaller apartment right now. It has one bathroom, study room, little living room, and a bedroom. It sounds okay, but it's really old and pretty much in the middle of no where.  The good thing is that we have big desks with drawers so we can stay organized. 

Wednesday was pretty hard. No one here in Apache Junction really gives us the time of day. It's seriously a desert with cacti all over with trailer parks and little tiny homes. When we talk to them, they all just make excuses about how they can't talk right now. Our branch is also struggling. None of the members want/can come. It's a lot different here than in Mesa. So yeah, Wednesday, we talked with a lot of people, but no one was interested.

Thursday, after studies, we helped clean out a hoarder’s trailer.  It was probably the most disgusting thing I have ever done. There were cockroaches all over and all sorts of bugs running everywhere! She had some 5-year-old food that she didn't want to throw away haha. So overall, it was nasty.

Friday, while walking down the street we saw this man sitting in his garage, and he waved us in. We started talking about church and he believes every church is good. I gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he doesn't want the missionaries to come because he's always busy. I promised him if he reads the Book of Mormon, and have the missionaries come over, it would change his life. I hope the best for him.

Saturday was kind of hard for me. I was sick and at little dizzy the whole day. All of our appointments fell through, some weren't home and others just locked us out. Later that night, we had a late mother’s day party with our branch and we played football with the kids. It was fun but it kind of made me even sicker. The next day I was finally better.

Sunday, we attended an English ward because a member from that ward brought her investigator friend who only spoke Spanish. Elder Eskeets translated for him. It seems like he's really interested in the church, so we are going to teach him later this week.Later, we went to our branch and I spoke about Missionary Work in sacrament meeting. I feel like it went pretty well with my limited vocabulary. Then we were supposed to go to the visitor center with an investigator but she "forgot". Hopefully she will go with us later this week.

Being the only Spanish-speaking missionaries in this area, we aren't having the best of luck. Hopefully things will change soon. We have received a lot of referrals and so we hope to see them this week.  Referrals are such a blessing.

I just have so much stress on my shoulders right now with Spanish and wonder if I can do it, but I need to remember my Patriarchal Blessing and the Lord will bless me.  I miss you guys a lot and I hope all is well. Don't worry about me though. I will just continue to do my best and push through the hard times. I am thankful I'm still in a Spanish area.

Well, this is the last week before transfers so who knows where I will end up! I hope to go to Peru soon! I want to be there so bad, but being here is where the Lord wants me right now. Spanish is tough for me. But I learn more and more each day so it’s really cool.
Well, I’m off to another week in the field. Everyday has its trials but I’m learning from them. Please pray that our investigators hearts may be open so they can be happy. I promise I will work my hardest. Thanks for being there for me and all that you do Mom! My mission is really hard but I learn from it and all I can do is be obedient and try my best to make you and the Lord proud. Have a good Memorial Day and say hi to Teta for me and to Albert and Bert. Have a fantastic week.
I love you. He loves you. 
Elder Smith

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