Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just a few Mother's Day phone call highlights:

Me talking to all of you on Mother's Day!
Leaving the MTC on May 7, 2013 (5:00 am)

When we got to the mission office, I immediately had an interview with the President. He told me that I was assigned to an English speaking area and companions. But when the assignments were read, I ended up the only "visa waiter" to be sent to a spanish speaking area with Spanish speaking companions. I don't know what changed or why, but I am so grateful! My companions are both from Utah and they are the best! Both so hard working! One of them is also a visa waiter and has been here 4 months. The other is the district leader and has been out almost 1 1/2 years. They are funny and we all get along really well.
Playing basketball on the street with some local kids has been a highlight of my week!

The members feed us every single night! Sometimes it's too much but I don't know how to politely turn down food in Spanish yet, ha ha! We had amazing strawberry smoothies a few days ago!
 We ride bikes here - - yes, it's VERY hot! This was my face after my bike broke. It's going to be fixed tomorrow so it'll be good.

Jake: "It's so hot here that I have actually started to sweat!" (Jake NEVER sweats)
Jordan (who sweats a ton) : "Ya you probably only had like one drop drip down your nose."
Jake: "Oh no, it wasn't that hot!  Just a little sweat down my back."
Jordan gave him a dirty look over the phone :)

 I mainly only know Gospel terms in Spanish so it's hard to understand a normal conversation. The people ask me if I am just shy, but I have to tell them that I'm just learning Spanish. I wish I could express my feelings better right now.
I thought of you Mom when I read this, ha ha!

Thoughts from Mom:
Jake expressed that even though some people may make fun of his Spanish, he only cares what Heavenly Father thinks of him. His opinion is the only thing that matters and he prays every single day to know what He would have him do and if He is pleased with his effort and work.

We ended our phone call with a family prayer offered by Jake in Spanish. It was miraculous. So fluent and heartfelt. Not a memorized standard prayer at all. No wonder Jake said that his companions always ask him to say the prayer at lessons and at home. He is such a sweetheart with such a tremendous desire to do his very best.

Until next time, We love you so very much Elder Smith.

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