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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween + some videos!!!!

 Me in in the "rich/fancy" part of my area
Chilling with Elder Quiroz 20 months later
(my first comp at the MTC)
Whats up!!!!!
Can I just say how much I loved hearing about Ian and Ryder!! They seem like so much fun and I can't wait to get back and hang out with them!! Ryder looks huge!!!! I laughed soo hard when I heard what happened to Ian and the wii game and the lemon with Ryder. I wish that I could have been there! I miss you guys! But I am happy that you had a great Halloween!!

Sick costume Dad!! You win for the sexiest and most creative costume of 2014 haha (:
Elder Smith's Dad dressed up for Halloween!
That is crazy about Jordan. I forgot he was having surgery today! I hope all goes well so that we can throw the football when I get back. I miss throwing it so much. I have looked so many times here in the markets for a football but all I ever find are soccer balls and so that totally sucks. I remember that we went to the High School to throw it around when Jordan got back and that was dang fun!!

Mom your office in the school sounds really legit! I don't remember the High School doing much for Halloween while I was there. I miss the High School days. Can you believe it that when I get back, I will have 3 years being graduated!!? Time flies.

I haven't gotten the Halloween package. When did you send it out? I hope I get it either this week, or next week. That is weird talking about Christmas...I can't believe that 2014 is almost over. It is absolutely hauling!! We are going to Skype next month! But we don't really know where we will able to do it. We are searching for members who have laptops with a camera. But we shall see.

This past week was the end of the last change and none of us has a change which is good. This next change will go until the 16th of December and so we hope that we will have 3 changes together so  that we can be here together for Christmas.

I called Elder Chavez last night to see how everything was going in Los Amautas and he said that everyone is still attending church. The less active that we rescued named Alexis is 18 and is now passing the sacrament and blessing it. He also plans on going to the temple. Here in Peru the wards try to go to the temple once a year together and they all go in big buses! It's like a 20 hour drive! But that makes me happy that everyone here wants to go so bad. We are blessed for having sooo many temples close by. But they are going this next week!!

Then I called my pencionista in Jaen and she told me that one of my converts named Marcos. Remember him? His girlfriend and her family were all members. But they actually got married a few months ago and have goals to be able to get sealed in the temple next year!!! So that is amazing to hear (:

Anyways, back to Artesanos!! Things are going great!!! We were very happy to see the investigators do a fast. They are really progressing and I am happy to actually know that they want to get baptized. We are just trying to teach them according to their needs.

Elayne has a baptismal date for the 22nd of November. We were able to read 2nd Nefi 31 with her about why Christ got baptized and how we all need to be baptized. We also talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost. At the end of the lesson, we invited her and she accepted. She is still nervous for it. So please pray for her that she may have confidence!!

Also the investigators that we are teaching have incredible faith!!! Since this past week was fast Sunday, we taught them about fasting this past week. We also invited them to fast so that they could find a way to get baptized and they did it!!

Gilberto and his daughter Lorena fasted! For 24 hours! Gilberto explained that he has felt a change inside of him ever since he has been listening to the lessons. He really feels that it is true. We heard that here in Peru, if you aren't living with your spouse for 2 years, it's an automatic divorce and he hasn't even seen his x wife for 15 years and so we are going to call the mission office to find about more. But tonight we have a family home evening with them tonight and we are going to see the Joseph Smith movie with them.

But that is pretty much it for this week!
I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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