Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

I know that I'll be able to leave this area in good hands

Well time keeps on going by and my time is coming to an end faster and faster. Even though I have a short amount of time left, we are working hard! At the beginning of the week we really tried to start it off great and we did just that. We have contacted many many people and we have found new people to teach.
 Above: My very first MTC companion Elder Winward
Below: My very last companion Elder Rubio
Kind of cool to get to hang out all together at this time
On Monday as we left to work around 6 we immediately started to contact and we found some cool people to help. We are teaching a pretty poor couple that are named Adel and Alfonzo. They don't have too much and they go around everyday selling their drink medicines. But they have always gone to church and they have always been really religious. Saturday as we came back they really wanted to know how to exactly raise their boy in a good home with good principles so we started to teach them about church and how big of a blessing it is to us. I shared with them that I was born in the church and that all my life, I had learned many principles that have helped me to make good decisions. So we invited them to church but they said that they would come next week because they had to go to the hospital to visit their family member. But we were able to teach with the spirit and they really felt that going to church would help them a whole bunch.

On Tuesday we knocked on a door and a man that is about 30 years old opened and as we were talking to him, I just knew and felt that he would let us in his house to teach a lesson and sure enough he did! We talked a little bit about the church and how it blesses families. Then on Thursday we went back and we taught a very powerful lesson about the Restoration. He had some questions, but we were able to answer them with the spirit and you could really see how surprised and excited he was to know that we have living prophets. We left him with a Book of Mormon and we are gonna go back this coming week! So we are really having success from the contacts we have been doing. I probably won't have a baptism in these next 4 weeks, but I know that I'll be able to leave this area in good hands and well off.

We also have been visiting a really less active lady named Maria Reyes. When I first got here she was really strong in the church, but she heard a member say something mean about her and so she hasn't gone since then. We talked about how we go to church because we love God. We also taught that as we follow Christ, there will be obstacles and Satan will try everything in his power to not make us go to church. The lessons that we taught were very powerful and spiritual and sure enough...she came to church yesterday!!! So we look forward on rescuing her soon in the next couple of weeks!

This past week we had a Multi Zone Conference with a couple of Zones and I saw Elder Supayabe and Elder Flores there. So it was fun to say goodbye to them because from here on out we won't see each other since I'm heading out soon!
Well right now it is very hot in Chiclayo. It's kind of hard to sleep at night and we are burning while we work! Yesterday it was hard because Sundays are the worst. No one is really home. So we contacted and walked around for like 5 hours straight! But I plan on working hard until the end!!

Thanks for everything. I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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