Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Faith=Believe, Trust, and Act

Hey err body!

Happy Late Birthday to Grandpa Howard and Taya!! I hope it was a good one!! I cant wait to be there for family meeting and wrestle with all the little kids! Bring on the craziness!!

We had a cool experience with Giberto last week. We taught him about how friends make a huge difference on how strong we are in the church. At the end of the lesson he explained that before he would always go to the corner and drink with his friends. But now that he knows and understands the Word of Wisdom, he has been able to tell his friends that he doesnt drink anymore and they respected that. Now he doesn't even hangout with them. I wish that you guys could meet him and see just how strong he his in the gospel.  I'm not sure ill be able to see him get baptized. But we shall see what happens and continue in faith.

We are soon going to rescue a family of 3. Really there are 4 members in their family but the Dad doesn't come to church. He mainly works on Sundays and its hard to find him. They just need to come to church one more time and they will be rescued! So we are excited about that. 

Its hard that we haven't baptized in such a long time, but we are happy that we are working well with the Less Actives in our ward.

I feel that my mission has really helped me see what I need to be as a spouse. Here in Peru there are a lot of families that are faithful in the church but they barely come with their Dads. I'm not sure why that is. I think that men are just sometimes too stubborn and they think that they don't need God in their lives.

Something that I learned about faith recently is that it isn't about just believing or acting.
There are 3 things to faith that we need to keep in mind.
1. To Believe
2. To Trust
3. To Act
For example with Peter, while Christ was walking on the water, Peter saw and believed that it was him and believed that he could do it, so he acted. However while he was going along the path he started lacking in his trust and that is when he fell more and more in the water until Christ grabbed and said, oh man of little faith.

Also just like Laman and Lemuel. They even forgot that they had seen an Angel and Nephi and to remind them over and over what they had experienced and seen. Laman and Lemuel were always on and off with things.

But I think that some of the main things that helps to stay strong in the Gospel are Tithing, family prayer, fulfillment in a calling, and remembering spiritual experiences. If one doesn't have spiritual experiences, that person tends to slip away slowly.

I haven't received anything about the Travel Plans yet. They called me this past week asking for your email and Dads email to send you something. But I'm not sure when they are going to! Just keep a heads up!
I love you all. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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