Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, August 25, 2014

You can't be right by doing wrong and you can't be wrong by doing right!

Elder Chavez and I jamming out to the guitar!

Mi querida familia! 
I am so excited for Allison to be at UVU. I seriously loved it and I can't wait to get back there and study some more! I remember that I went to Wolverine Crossing once with Cody Harris, my roommate, and I remember how nice it was.  At least she will be comfortable there, besides her bed...But trust me...I know how you feel. I have to sleep on a mattress that is disgusting and pretty worn out because many missionaries have slept on it during the years, but at least I have a bed sheet to protect me from the germs!

I miss Utah weather. Chiclayo weather sucks...cold in the in the afternoon....cold at night. With wind all over the place and so dust always gets in my eyes and my contacts get all dried up by the end of the day! But hey...that's the mission right!? So I'm  happy (:

Well my dear family I have had an amazing week to be honest. I have seen the help of the Lord in our work soooo much! 

Renzo is going to get baptized this weekend!!!! He is sooo excited and we have been able to get a lot closer to him and we could help him a lot more!!! He attended church for the 5th time straight yesterday and we learned about the priesthood and he feels blessed to be able to have it soon. This past Friday we watched the Joseph Smith movie with him and he said that he was able to feel the spirit and he knows that it is true!

He is gonna get baptized with a little 9 year old boy named Krisner. His parents are members and they felt that since he is already 9 years old, he really needs to get baptized.  We were able to teach him over the past 2 weeks and yesterday they explained to us that Saturday they want him to get baptized (: We were thankful to find him!

Also a boy named Cristofer! He is 13 years old and lives just right around the corner from us. His cousin is a member but from a different ward and he came up to our ward about a month ago so he could introduce him to us and from there we were able to teach him a lot. This past week we set a baptismal date for the 6th of September and he accepted and really wants to get baptized! He goes to church all alone and he takes notes and everything! Yesterday we talked with the mom and she agreed to support him in this decision! He is a stud!

Remember Daniel?!!! We went over Saturday night and talked with his parents. Elder Chavez and I really taught with the spirit. It was cool because I was praying that my companion would say the words that Heavenly Father wanted him to use while he was talking and he did the same for me. We were able to be instruments in the hands of God and Daniel chose his own baptismal date for the 12 of September and his parents finally agreed!!! He is awesome!

Also! Do you remember our convert Alexis?! Well his little brother who is 13 is now going to church every week with him and we set a baptismal date with him for the 20th of September and he accepted as well!

Honestly we are so happy and blessed. I feel that God is really helping us out and we are seeing a lot of success. I think this is my last change here in this area and so I'm happy to probably end with a good note!

Something I learned.... You can't be right by doing wrong and you can't be wrong by doing right!
 I love you guys. He loves you!
Elder Smith
Renzo and I preparing dinner (duck).

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