Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sometimes we pray to Heavenly Father so that things will be a lot easier, but we should pray and ask that we will be made stronger

Hello to my favorite people on earth!
I just love reading all of your emails and hearing all the great experiences that you have each week!! Don't worry Mom, as Allison moves out, I'll move in for a little bit in about 6 and a half months! Crazy! But that is weird to think that all of us are all grown up. But we thank you guys for raising us up in the Gospel and always being there for us and all of the sacrifices that you have done for us. Thank you.

I'm glad that all of you guys have a job and that you love what you do. I am glad that we are strong as a family. Even though we have struggles, I have learned something on my mission. -Sometimes we pray to Heavenly Father so that things will be a lot easier, but we should pray and ask that we will be made stronger- It is so true. Let us all pray that we may be strong to overcome our trials. We have had many, we have many, and we will always continue to have many more to come. But Heavenly Father wants us to grow. I love you guys.

 Well as I told you...they didn't really tell me anything about my back. They said that it is just muscle fatigue because of all the walking that I am doing and so they have given me pills and it has been helping a little. But I'm okay (:

Renzo is doing well!! He was going to get baptized this weekend but we have moved it to next week for the 30th of August because we want to prepare him more. He told us this past week that as a baby, his Mom abandoned him and his Dad died. He lives with his Aunt and little sister. His Aunt isn't a member. But the sister of the Aunt is a member and she has been helping us. Poor kid. He is really cool though and we are excited to prepare him a little more for his baptism.

This past week we had changes and we had to go Tuesday morning bright and early to the airport to help pick up the bags for all the missionaries and leave them in the office. That afternoon 2 new elders came out with us. One from Idaho and the other from Utah. It was fun to talk to them. It made me think of my first day in the field and how lost I was.  But anyways, those  2 elders went to Jaen! So we were able to talk to them all about it since my comp and I served there a year ago!

Me and my comp having a pillow fight! He's the best!
There isn't too much to tell this week. But I will end with a funny/scary story as I always like to do that happened to me this past week.

Late at night we were walking back home from a member's house. We were walking on the sidewalk next to a small mud fence that surrounded some bushes and little trees. Well the member told us to be careful because there was a dog that was there and the dog I guess is a mean one. Well I didn't even hear the member and so I continued walking as my companion went to the street. As the little mud fence ended the dog came running around the corner and I just saw a big black blur come up right on me! The dog tried to bite me a few times but luckily it only got me once on the bum! Haha but it didn't hurt at all. At first I was terrified and didn't even know what to do! But after 5 seconds or so it got off and ran away. After we just had a huge laugh but man! It was nuts!!
This is what was left of me after my dog attack!

I hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for your prayers every day. 
I love you. 
He loves you.
Elder Smith

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