Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I love seeing the branches come off of the baptisms I've had

 I played ping pong with President before our leadership council. He beat me haha.
 Here is a picture of us with all this stuff behind a moving van. We had to go to an area about 20 minutes away and take out stuff of an old room that Elders had used
 Here I am eating something that is called a Juana. Its yellow rice with duck meat and an olive wrapped up in platano leaves.
This is the crazy traffic in Lima! 

Well I'm sitting here speechless about the amazing testimony of the Adams family. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father was able to comfort them so much through this big trial. I'm so grateful that Weston is doing okay as well as Brother Adams. That is amazing about the pie and how a man was inspired to take their favorite pie to them. I am also grateful for where we live and the ward that we have. I'm excited that soon we will be able to meet again and progress on to eternity together. What a blessing that we have the true gospel in our lives. I love you guys all so much!

Well I don't have changes and I am sooo glad because I really love where I am at right now. This area is really progressing. This past change has been my best change so far in my mission. We had 3 baptisms and 3 rescues (aka less active members who are now active). We really have desires to continue working hard because we don't have too much time left in our mission. I only have 5 changes left. A few changes happening in the mission: Every companionship will have a cell phone now. Also President changed a lot of things. He explained that he really wants to have good trainers and so a lot of the zone leaders might be trainers soon.

I had to go to Lima again to pick up my ID card that pretty much says that I am a Peru Citizen or something like that. I left Thursday night and came back Friday night. In Lima it was really cold and miserable. Friday morning the hotel we stayed at told us to check out at 7 am because our transportation was gonna be there. So we all came down at 7 but our rides didn't come until 10.  We were all in the lobby shivering and trying to warm ourselves up for 3 hours! It was terrible. But now I don't have to go to Lima again. Elder Winward was there and so it was great to see him and talk to him for a bit. He is District Leader right now in a zone near to me.

Daniel is still coming to church. Both of his parents came yesterday as well. Everything is still the same though. Renzo still has a baptismal date for the 23rd of August and so we are really excited to have another baptism.

Oh! And guess what! Saturday night the husband of my pencionista in Jaen called me and told me that Ruth (one of my converts in Jaen), her older sister got baptized! Her older sister is married and never really listened while I was there but I knew that Ruth, even though she is 15 years old, would help her and now she got baptized! I love seeing the branches come off of the baptisms! So that made me happy!
Elder Santos is here! He plans on going to Utah I think the 25 of August or something. He really wants to visit you guys. He can understand English pretty well, but can't speak it obviously yet. But he will study it for 6 months.  It is so fun to be around him again. We can't wait to chill when I get back!

Funny Story: Last PDay I bought some brown church shoes and while I was looking I spotted a pair that I really liked and so I asked them to take it down but the lady was too short to reach them and so I decided to help. The shoe was stuck with all the other shoes.  Since I'm so smart , I decided to pull it and about 20 shoes came crashing down. The lady looked at me all surprised and she didn't even know what to say! I didn't know what to say either and so we just laughed! It was pretty funny!

Well once again. I love you guys. Thank you so much for your emails every week and your support. I couldn't ask for a better family. I love you. He loves you.
 Elder Smith

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