Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm not in Utah anymore

Hello to the best family in the world!!!
Wow those pics look amazing and camping is one of my favorite memories that our family has! I bet it was a blast! How fun that you guys got to go on that hike to that waterfall! I love you guys and we better go camping when I get back (:

Not too much happened this week like last week. We have been stopping by to visit Annie and Daniel like every night teaching them so that they can be prepared for Saturday. Yesterday in church while we were in our class with the investigators and less active members, my companion announced the baptism for this Saturday and the Dad of Daniel got kind of mad and now is saying that he shouldn't get baptized yet. His dad is the young men's 1st counselor and his son is 13 years old and he won't let him get baptized! Both of the parents are members and they are just afraid that if he gets baptized young, he will go inactive later on in his life. They really don't understand. We have tried to explain about Joseph Smith and his revelation about getting baptized at 8 but they didn't care. We also taught about the importance of baptism but still, they didn't really care....The mom kind of wants him to get baptized this Saturday with his cousin, but the dad not as much. Annie will get baptized no matter what and her brother who got reactivated will baptize her! But Daniel, we aren't too sure. It's hard to find his dad and so we are gonna go by every night to find him and talk to him more. Daniel is really prepared and should have gotten baptized 5 years ago. He attends church every week and he learns really well!! We will see.

So my last companion who already finished his mission, Elder Santos, is coming up to Chiclayo for a few days and he is gonna stay with our pencionista and we live there as well! He is coming up Thursday to say hi to everyone before he goes to Utah in August because he is gonna go to BYU and so I will see him before I get back. He just needs to learn English haha but I'm excited to see him. Also this Wednesday is my companion's birthday and he turns 20 also. He has been a great companion so far and even though we argue sometimes, we always talk about what's bugging us and then we are like best friends again. So it's cool.

Well family, I have missed you guys this past week. I found myself saying the things that Dorothy used to say...I'm not in Utah anymore....
Yesterday was the worst. We went over to a less actives home whose name is Marietta. But she wasn't home but her 19 year old brother was across the street drinking with his friends. I have never met him before and he came up to us really drunk and explained that he was a member. He invited us into his home and we started to teach him a little and we got to know him a little bit more. The whole time I was just kind of nervous, looking out the door just in case his drunken friends came up to approach us, but they were across the street. We want to help him but he moves far away today. Anyway, during the lesson, just as I imagined, one of his friends walked up to the door and came into the lesson. This dude was about 20 years old and was waaayyy drunk and asked who we were and tried to take his friend away from the lesson. But less active said no. Then the drunken dude looked at me like he was gonna hit me and then left the house... After the lesson as we walked outside to leave...the same friend came up to us again but with a beer bottle in his hand and a cup in the other hand. He poured a glass and offered us it and told us to drink it. But politely we said no and so he got offended and threw the beer at us. But luckily he was too drunk to aim right and so it didn't hit us. Then we got away as soon as possible, so nothing happened haha. But that night as we were walking up, we passed about 20 parties. The parties here are all in the street and they always drink with loud music. Man I told my companion, I miss Utah. Things are a lot more dangerous here and it's pretty sketchy sometimes. I'm just thankful that we are protected and nothing ever happens. But yesterday night, I was super happy to get on my bed, safe and sound!

Well I love you guys. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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