Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, November 11, 2013

The spirit works through us as servants of the Lord

In the market with a mototaxi. I'm pretty much done with my Christmas Shopping!

Man I just sometimes miss the regular world! I see how it is...have all the fun without me (; Haha no I am glad. I really hope Ryder doesn't forget about me, as well as my other cousins! I am sure they are going to be so different! You should send me a picture of what my Called to Serve board looks like on our wall. I know the pictures always change but I just want an idea! But that is crazy what happened with my picture that fell off of it. Jordan's pictures always used to fall down but crazy it landed by Paige!
Yeah dad told me what happened in the Philippines and it is just so crazy! But we know that the Lord takes care of the missionaries. I am so glad to hear that all of the Missionaries are okay, especially Lindsey. Kind of a huge miracle. Just goes to show you how true this church is.
I can't wait to get my Christmas mail! Just a little thing that I need. An oil container. They sell them at Deseret Book. I don't need oil just the little metal container. They aren't very expensive like 3 bucks or so. But yes I have been using the little books and golden plates in the lessons. Not so much here in this area because we don't really have little kid investigators. But we do have one. I will use it soon (:
Some cool experiences this week. We were in a lesson with a 24 year old investigator named Eva. She is really Catholic but quite interested in the church. In the lesson she asked me if I am worried that one day I will lose my faith. I told her straight up no! I told her that I am not worried because our church is different. I testified that I am not worried because I know what will happen after this life and that this is the true church and that we have a living prophet that helps us and provides us with the things we need to do, so I have nothing to worry about. I felt the spirit so strong and it was cool to see how the spirit works through us as servants of the Lord.  We can see her getting baptized one day though because she attends church. We shall see what happens!
We also have a 22 year old investigator named Marcos Ramos. His girlfriend and her family are really strong in the church and are a part of our ward. But the missionaries always taught him but got nowhere. He always attends so we know he was interested. Our first lesson with him we invited him to be baptized but he wasn't quite sure. But last week during a lesson he said he wants to get baptized on the 18th of November because he received his answer and the 18th is a special day for him so it will be next Monday!
Saturday was the baptism of Leydi Diaz. I had the privilege to baptize her. I just love it because every time they tell me how clean they feel. I know she will be strong in the church all of her life. After the baptism we went to a Hotel where a member works and she made dinner for all the missionaries that are in the Jaen stake (14 missionaries). She made Chinese food and it was awesome!

Funny story...This past week we helped a member family move to Lima. We staked everything in a back of a truck including the fridge. We jauled (Jake can't spell in English anymore. . Spanish is getting ingrained in his head) a fridge down the stairs, and me being curious opened up the fridge to see what was inside...yeah...a chopped up pig!!! It smelled so disgusting! Haha but at least we did service right?

 The nastiest dog I have ever seen in my life. I miss normal dogs

Hope you all have a good one (: I love you. He loves you
Elder Smith

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