Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We haven't been able to watch conference yet

 Just messing around the streets of Peru
 Studying hard with Elder Manley
Fast week once again!
Well I guess we should just get it straight that we weren't able to watch conference yet. In all of Peru they had elections and so it was illegal to have any type of meetings whatsoever during the elections.  We are all going to watch it this coming Saturday and Sunday in the Stake Center. I was kind of bummed out but I can't wait to see it! We are going to invite all the people that we can to come and watch it with us. But yes that is really really weird to think that it will be my last conference away from you guys! I remember when Jordan was gone and I was so stoked to say that next conference we will be together. I am sure the time will go by sooo fast.  We asked the stake to set a room apart for the English speaking Elders because there are a lot of Americans in our zone so I hope that they do it.

I am so happy to hear that you are doing great in your church calling Mom. It sounds that you have great ideas to help out the stake. That is one of my goals as I get back. I really want to contribute more and fulfill my callings because they are soo important.

This past Tuesday we had a multi-zone meeting with President and his wife. The meeting was incredible and the President teaches sooo amazing.  I have already learned sooo much from him. He mainly talked about obedience and that we shouldn't be rushed about baptizing people. We need to make sure that they truly are converted. He wants us to be obedient so that the Lord may bless us to find more people to baptize. But not only people, but families as well.  Together we all studied The Family Proclamation to the World and we all pulled out scriptures and I love all the scriptures that we were able to read. One of my favorite family scriptures is in Jacob 3 verse 7 and also Mosiah 4 verses 14 and 15. They are soo great and I always share them in lessons.  At the meeting we had some way good burgers and I was soo happy haha. I also can't wait to get back and eat that amazing conference breakfast. I am kind of tired of rice and chicken.... I need some greasy American food haha.
Well this past week went by pretty fast. We did a lot more contacting and we are still knocking sooo many doors because we don't have many people to teach. We also tried focusing on finding less active members and recent converts so that we can help in that part of missionary work as well. This past Saturday our Ward Mission Leader came out with us and he took us to houses of less actives and we found a family of 7.  The parents are sealed in the temple, but they haven't gone to church for a long time. As I walked in the house I noticed all the paintings and pictures of Jesus Christ in their home and I could tell that the family was sooo loving and nice. They just haven't gone for a long time because of work and they had to move a lot. But now they are settled in their house and we are going to start teaching them the missionary lessons so that they can become active again. It is soo wonderful to feel and see the members come back to the church.

We also had a cool experience contacting. I wish you guys could see how many people we talk to and all the doors we knock each day because it's insane but it's also amazing to see how Heavenly Father places his children in our way. Some people however are quite stubborn and rude about the gospel. We have had several doors slammed in our face, but that doesn't stop us. This past Thursday as we were contacting in the afternoon we found a 19 year old girl Elainy with her grandmother. At first they didn't really want to accept us into their home, but they did. They explained to us that right when we knocked on the door they felt it was from God and that they needed to let us in. They said that they really want to increase their faith in God. We have tried going back after that visit but they haven't been home. So we pray we may find them soon.

This area is quite different then all the others and it's a different experience because we don't know anyone and we don't have that many people to teach but we are striving.

Elder Manley is probably one of my favorite companions and we get along great together. It's fun training, but it takes a lot of energy because I have to do the talking most of the time and answer all the questions and doubts that people have. But as Elder Manley testifies, it increases the power of the spirit in the room. Sometimes he is stressed about the language but I just tell him how stressed I was. He will get the language soon though and he speaks it well for only having 2 weeks in the field. He is a good missionary.

I haven't heard about the Meet the Mormons movie but it sounds great! I Hope to get back and watch all the movies that I have missed out on! Boo ya! Movie partayy!!
I love you. He loves you
Elder Smith

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