Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Lord really is molding me because I can feel it and see it.

Les Extraño y Les Amo!!!
Well what I have been able to hear from all of you guys makes me soo happy because you all seem like you are doing well. I am so happy that you guys are receiving many blessings in your work and activities that you are doing. What a blast that you were able to go boating! Man I love you guys and I love our family. Really!
 There is a festival going on in our area! Fun fun!But we didn't go on the rides of course, haha!
These weeks are really flying! Changes are in 2 weeks and I really can't believe it. I really hope to stay here in Los Amautas for at least one more change because I'm loving it. I LOVE  the people here. I know all the streets names and I really am learning a lot. My companion and I are really striving to work hard since we are ending our missions soon. Elder Chavez ends his mission in January and then I'll be out the next change and so we are really freaking out because the time isn't slowing down. We are really blessed to be together though. I really have learned a lot from him and I love where I'm at right now. I really feel that the Lord is molding me because I see it inside myself. My companion and I were talking the other day saying that the longer we are out on our missions the better we know how to teach and contact, but we also start to really understand the gospel and how important it is to keep the commandments and we are just more joyful and happy. I love the mission. The other night I was laying in bed humbled because I was thinking how I would be if wouldn't have gone on a mission. This mission has changed me for the better. My testimony is soooooooo strong right now and I'm excited to apply the things that I have learned into my everyday life after my mission.

This past week we had a leadership council with the zls and the sister leaders and it was a great experience and we left really pumped to finish our mission strong. Changes are in 2 weeks and I hope that I can stay at least one more change and then my next area I would have 3 more changes and end my mission there. I hope it is like that, but I'll go where the Lord wants me to go. 

Anyway! Daniel is looking good for Friday since it's his baptism! This past week we taught him about fasting and he was able to do his 24 hour fast! He also paid his offering to the church and so he is really prepared and even though he is only 13, he is mature and is so excited to be baptized. He was really persistent and even though his Dad didn't really want him to get baptized, he kept striving, going to church, and doing all that was possible to prove that he wants to be baptized. 

I want to thank each one of you guys for supporting me to go on a mission. Yesterday a 20 year old boy came to church.  He is from a little town called Ferreñafe that is about 30 minutes from here.  He just came to visit one of his friends from our ward. He was baptized 2 years ago and no one in his family is a member. He explained that a year ago he told his family that he wanted to serve a mission. His mom and brother said that if he went on a mission, he would have to forget that he was even a part of their family. And that he would not return back with their acceptance in their home. That really hit him hard because he really wanted to serve. He started to fast and pray and he said that he found D y C 31 that promised him that the Lord would take care of his family. He now is gonna start his papers soon and leave in January. It really was a testimony builder for me.  I thank you guys for your love and support because a lot of missionaries don't have that.  It humbles me because I am soo blessed to be here and the Lord really is molding me because I can feel it and see it.

Dad, that is sooo tight that you were able to see one of your mission comps after 27 years!!! That is a long time!! That makes me sad though because I probably won't be able to see many of my comps. But I'll be able to see Elder Nielson, Elder Taylor, Elder White, Elder Rich, Elder Santos, and Elder Waite again...Well I hope so!!! So I'm blessed!

Yesterday we went on splits with the young men in our ward and I went to contact since we need to find families. It ended up being really hard though! We couldn't really get into any home. I knocked 36 doors and only 2 accepted us into their house. Many of them were Catholics or Jehovah witnesses and wouldn't even accept a card of Jesus Christ. I probably had like 25 doors slammed in my face so it was a humbling experience as well. But one of those two people that I talked to was an old lady probably 75 years old and she didn't accept anything I had to say to her either but at the end of talking to her, she asked me if I was REALLY sure that I was in the true church. That really has never happened to me in my mission. Her question was so serious and she looked me straight into my eyes. I was able to put a big smile on my face and with all the confidence in the world, I told her, yes!!! I know that I'm in the true church and that I'm doing the work of the lord and that I'm teaching the true gospel. I told her about prophets and the priesthood and she just stood there amazed and stunned I felt like.I gave her a pamphlet and left. It was so powerful and I felt the spirit testifying of the words that I had said. 

We are teaching this lady who has 3 little girls and lives right in front of us and sells Arroz con Leche everyday (which I absolutely love!)  We contacted her about 2 weeks ago and this past week as we went to teach her, she told us that she no longer lives with her boyfriend and that she wants a new life. So I am so happy that we are teaching her. 

Me and my comp were studying in Preach My Gospel this past week trying to find ideas, scriptures, tools, etc...on how to find families and how we can teach them better.  It said a lot of times how we just need to live the gospel to find the true joy in life and the life hereafter. That will be my goal when I get back from my mission. So now we are trying to explain the importance of temples and families and living the gospel to all the people that we are finding and teaching

So many experiences that I have had in just one week. I hope each one of you counts your blessings of being in this gospel. It's true happiness.
I love you.
He loves you
Elder Smith

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