Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

God never calls us to do anything that we can't do because he knows our strengths and weaknesses

With President and Sister Williams
 Que tal? Que hay? Que dicen?

Man what a fun week that you guys have had! I really miss the football atmosphere but I am happy to hear all of the great news and especially to hear that BYU is on a good winning streak! Go BYU!!! Soooo Legit!!!! I hope they keep kicking everyone's trash!

Sounds like Jordan got some sweet birthday presents! I really miss the amazing mountains of Utah and so that is cool that he gets to go to Park City and dinner and all the BYU and high school games.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD (: Congrats on your 25th anniversary! I am so excited for you guys and I am so happy that all these 25 years you guys have been amazing parents and have had a strong marriage! Man you guys got married fast after Dad's mission! I am starting to write some goals down for my life for when I get back and I am excited to accomplish them. I am grateful for this mission and that I made the decision to be here. Because if not...I wouldn't have progressed and matured a little more.

Soooo happy that you guys were able to go on a double date with the Skousens! They're the best! I hope that you guys had a great time together. Thank you so much for having a strong marriage because that really helps us as your children to have that example! And Allison careful! Haha mom is right! All of the RMs you date are going to be looking for a future wife! My companion and I always get weirded out by that to think that when we get back, we won't really be going on dates just for fun. We have to find a future and eternal companion! Ah!!! 

Well......I have a change......
Friday night at 10 I received a call from the Assistants saying that I had to go to a meeting at 10 in the morning on Saturday. So many thoughts came to my mind, but I mainly thought in training. As I arrived to the meeting there were about 20 other missionaries there and President spoke to us. He said that every one of us is going to train and that he really trusts us. He said that he only picked some of the best missionaries in the mission because he feels that a trainer is the most important calling to have on the mission. So...I will be training and he told me that I will be training an American. I also will be opening a brand new area. So it will be a challenge. But I know that God never calls us to do anything that we can't do because he knows our strengths and weaknesses and so that comforts me.  Secret.....Well yesterday I called an Elder from the office and I asked him where I am going and he says that I am going to the zone Dorado. Dorado is the most dangerous zone in the mission and there aren't any sister missionaries in that zone for that reason. It will be an adventure that's for sure, but don't worry I'll be safe! 

Anyways to be honest...I am sad to leave Los Amautas. Like I have said before, I love the members here. Yesterday I went around saying goodbye  to everyone and I seriously almost cried with some of the families. It has been such an amazing experience and I am sooo grateful that I was able to be here. I hope that my next area I will be able to feel the same way. Even though I am sad to leave everyone, I am excited to train an American and I hope to be an example and the best companion. I just hope that we may able to get used to things fast since we aren't going to know anything about the area and we aren't going to know any member at all. But the Lord will always provide since he always has for me on my mission. I am excited to do this because it will help me to finish my mission strong. Most likely this will be my last area before I get home and so I hope to work my butt off and I hope to be a good trainer. I am a little nervous since I will be opening the area. But I am happy that the Lord and President Williams trust me to do this. I feel like I am ready!  I will be leaving tomorrow in the morning.

Man this past week we had to defend the truth many times. Some people wanted to "discuss things" with us and they were just soooo wrong about everything that they said. But I am sooo grateful for the mission and all the doctrine and scriptures that I have been able to learn and understand. But the most effective thing that I feel that I was able to do was bare my testimony. Because they totally trashed on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith as everybody does. But I really bore a solid testimony that came from my heart. Also about the prophets that lead and guide us. They were crazy experiences and I will comment on them when I get back because they said so many things. But Elder Chavez and I were able to stay strong and we always left winning. I know it isn't good to Bible bash. But something important that I have learned is to defend the truth.
That is pretty much all that happened this week for us because we were busy running around doing stuff for the zone. 
I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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