Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I feel so blessed

Family and Friends (:
Oh what a blessing it is to be able to email every week (: I have missed you all! That is so amazing about last Saturday and that you were all able to attend the temple! Saturday was so incredible and I'll get it to that later! Guess what? I got an email today and it was sent last Saturday about my visa! It said that it is with the consulate of Peru and that they are working on it! Everyone else in my district that was in the CCM with me got their visa and everyone is already there. So I think that my visa is coming soon! How exciting (: That's a great idea about the pancakes recipe and I will for sure try them soon (: Maybe the morning I leave to Peru! That is awesome about how much fun Allison is having and I am so excited for her about EFY. Mom and Dad, thank you so much for allowing me to do that a few years ago. It really blessed my life. Mom, continue to pray about your new work so that the Lord can guide you. You are such an amazing worker and you will receive many blessings in your life. What??? We have a firepit!?! I am so excited to be able to chill around the fire with my friends and all of you! That is seriously one of my favorite things to do!
I got your package and thank you so much! It was perfect for my birthday and so thoughtful! I opened it Saturday after the baptism! I love the pictures of everyone. Ha ha at first I couldn't tell that was Logan, because he looks kind of weird and different! It must have been the sun! I plan on making the cake soon, I just need to buy some eggs and I'm good to go (: thank you so much!
Monday, after emails, we went to this supermarket and they had awesome deals on fruit! It was 10lbs. of bananas for 1 dollar! Incredible right? So you know me, I loaded up on fruit and now we make a lot of smoothies! Later that night, we ate at Carlos's house and he's so amazing. He has absolutely no problem with any of the commandments!
Tuesday, we taught Rafael again (the scary, fighter looking guy) and he said he wanted to attend church, but yesterday he didn't show up. He seems interested, he wants to find the true church. We told him to pray about what we have been teaching. For dinner that night we at that Guatemalan family again. They fed us this weird soup with HUGE pieces of catfish in it! Also, octopus, potatoes, and other things haha. I still don't know if it was good! That night we taught the Family Ruelas. The dad is less active, the mom isn't a member. They have a girl whose 9, a girl whose 6, boy whose 4, and another boy who is 1 with a baby on the way! Only the dad is a member. The dad said that ever since we started talking to him, he started praying again and he said he wants to bring the family to church. They're really awesome and we hope to go to the visitor center this week and maybe set up 2 baptismal dates for the wife and the 9 year old girl (:
Wednesday, we taught Angie, (Alandra's Friend) she is 13 years old. Her mom doesn't really like us teaching her. But she told us she'll get over it, because she's really interested and she said she has been more happy and more religiously active since we've been talking. We hope to go to the Visitor Center as well this week! We want to ask her to be baptized but we don't think the mom will allow it but we shall see. Please pray for her mom's heart to be opened. Later that night, we went to the Visitor Center with Jose and we watched the Joseph Smith movie. He liked it but he has a lot of questions about everything and he loves the Bible a lot. I can see him coming around though because his wife is a member and his girl is getting baptized in July. Maybe he can join her? (:
Thursday we taught Carlos about Tithing and Fasting. He said he has no problem with any of it because he knows that he'll receive blessings when he pays tithing and he wants to help the church! Gosh, I freaking love him!!
Friday, after weekly planning, Carlos had his baptismal interview. It was hard to get him there though because he doesn't have insurance on his car, so if he got pulled over, he would've been deported. We tried to find him a ride, but no one in the ward could take him. He said he will say a prayer and come. But everything worked out and he made it (:
Saturday was baptism day! Carlos said he actually wanted a really good friend to baptize him. He was from Australia, didn't speak Spanish, and he was actually pretty rude to us. I was sort of bummed that I didn't do it, but it's okay because it's not my baptism! After I gave Carlos a big hug and he told me that he feels like an angel and he's so excited for this happy change in his life! (: He thanked me as well, he said I changed his life. Mom, I can't tell you how happy I was to have heard that. I feel so blessed.
Sunday, the Family Ruelas came to church! What a miracle because we weren't even expecting them! It was cool because all their little kids went on the stand and sang for their dad! I think they enjoyed it (: We plan on going to the Visitor Center with them on Thursday! Also, I was able to confirm Carlos into the church! It was hard because I have never done it before, especially in Spanish, but the spirit was able to guide me. I love Carlos. Then also, a boy who is 7 from the branch, ran up to me and told me I was his favorite missionary and gave me his candy that he got in Sunday school. Man this week was great!
I do feel that I am going to be leaving soon, who knows when. I feel happy with my Spanish and I feel happy with the work I have done in Arizona. It's just that everyone is in Peru already. I think my time is coming soon. We shall see. Thank you for your prayers and thanks for all that you have done for me. I have to get going now and be on my way to another week here in the blazing hot desert of apache junction, Arizona. I hope all will go well for you all and I love you all so much! maybe I'll talk to you soon?
I love you. He loves you.
Elder Smith

I have 30 seconds before it kicks me off. Mom I just want to say I love you one more time.
Elder Smith

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