Peru Chiclayo Mission - March 2013-2015

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pizza hut, an earthquake, and kissing a cockroach~

This week was a little hard for me because I didn't really have time to work that much. Willy has been really busy because he is taking a few college classes also searching for work before his mission and so he couldn't really come out with me and help me this past week. The young men in the ward started school this past week because summer break here is the opposite. It starts in December and it goes until March so they there wasn't really anyone to come out with me to work.  I have had to be with the Zone Leaders for some days.

However, the work that I was able to do went really well. We had a lesson with Samantha more about baptism and I would have to say that she is really excited about everything and that she really wants to get baptized! The only problem probably would be that she has a lot of friends that love to party and so we are trying to help her to feel comfortable in the ward so that she will be able to make good choices when she is baptized. We invited her to baptism for the 29th of March and she accepted! She only said that she is a little nervous and scared because her dad doesn't really want her to change her religion. He wants her to stay in the Catholic Church with him but we explained to her that it was completely up to her and that no one on the face of the earth could tell her that she can't follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.
 our KFC party with Samantha, Gustavo, and Rosalia
This past Friday, we had a meeting from 9 to 3 in the afternoon with all of the leaders of the mission and it was soooo amazing!! We pretty much learned EVERY subject that is needed to be learned in that one meeting. We ate lunch there and they ordered Pizza Hut!!! Ah!! American Pizza...the bomb (: I saw Elder White, he is a Zone Leader. I also saw Elder Winward and he is District Leader and also Elder Quiroz as District Leader! So it was really nice to see them! I haven't seen them for like 7 months because I have been in Jaen and they have been in Cajamarca. But we were talking of how crazy it is that we are already going to complete 1 year in the mission and we all have grown sooo much and have learned a lot as well!

In the leadership meeting I was able to talk to President about my area and my mini missionary. He told me that they got me different missionary companion that will probably be with me tomorrow until the end of the change since Willy can't really come out with me and he is always busy. I don't know who he is yet. President just told me that he is from a different stake and is 18 years old. He also told me that he knows that there hasn't been a baptism for a long time in my area and that there isn't much success but he told me that he trusts me and he knows that I will do my best to try to increase the work a little bit while I am here. So that helped me to fill a little bit more confident in myself.

Yesterday we were able to have another lesson with Jesus Diez and it was sooo awesome. He attended church yesterday.  He came with his family.  His daughter, that just barely got back from her mission, teaches the class with all the investigators there. Anyways as you know we invited him to pray for his own desire to know everything was true. Yesterday in the lesson I asked him if he had received his answer and if he has been praying with his own intent. He told me that yes he had been praying by his own intent but he didn't receive an answer. I kind of felt something that told me that it wasn't quite true. So then I asked, "Were you able to feel anything in church?" He told me, "You know what? I did feel something when I gave the closing prayer in the class with my daughter."  He said that he couldn't describe what he felt but it was a calm feeling. So that whole lesson we were helping him understand that it was an answer from God and now he is more excited about things! I honestly love teaching this perfect gospel every day. Why is it perfect? Because it is the same exact doctrine that Jesus Christ taught while he was on the earth. To be honest, anyone can ask us whatever question they want and we can respond to them with our powerful testimony of what we know is true.

Mom, I wanted to write you a letter for you birthday and I still will, I just haven't had much time to really do anything because this past week has been absolutely crazy. Anyway, Happy Birthday this coming Saturday! You are such a special daughter of God and I know that he is soooo proud of you because of all the amazing things you have done for our family and for all the things that you have sacrificed. I am so happy to hear that you just love going to the temple and that you go often. I promise that you will receive many guidance there in the house of the Lord. To be honest I really miss the Temple..but I am excited to go in there again with you to do a session.

What are some of your plans that you are going to do? I hope that you will get to do something special since it is Saturday! I don't really have anything to give you guys since I am here in Peru and I feel really bad because I normally send stuff for your guys' birthdays. But Mom, take 20 bucks out of my bank account and put it in your account and go have some fun this Saturday with you and Dad in my name (; I know it isn't much but I want you to enjoy your birthday okay? Or at least buy you something legit (:
Isn't weird to think that for your next birthday I will be home? You only have 1 birthday away from me haha that is nuts. I miss you a whole bunch but I am grateful for this time that the Lord has set apart for me to work in this grand work

Anyway I don't have too much more to say. But sometimes I end with something funny or crazy thing that happened to me and this week I have 2 things that happened!

Tuesday night I was laying in bed and it was extremely hot!  When it is hot I can't really sleep so I got up to go get my hair wet under the sink so I could cool off.!  I didn't turn on the lights and I didn't have my contacts in so I was kind of blind. As I got to the sink I put my head down and right before I got my head under the water I opened my eyes a little more and I hit this weird thing with my chin and I heard it move.   I wasn't sure what it was and so I squinted my eyes to look at it better and sure enough it was a freaking cockroach!!!!! I freaked out and almost screamed at the top of my lungs and I killed it with my sandal hahaha. Ya ya ya make fun of me all you want but hey cockroaches are disgusting!! As I returned to the room, Willy was pretty much asleep and I was like "Willy! I almost just kissed a  cockroach!" He busted out laughing. Man it was nuts!

The other story is that this past Saturday night we were in another meeting with all the District Leaders of our Zone and the Zone Leaders. Out of nowhere everything started to move a little bit and I started to move as well even though I was seated in my chair. The lights started to move and I started to get a little dizzy! Haha it was an earthquake! I think that it was my first earthquake that I have felt in my life. But this one lasted like 20 seconds. Everyone was like, "When is it going to stop?!"  I was like, "I am getting dizzy"! It was crazy! Man the stuff that happens on the mission!

Oh President called me this morning and he told me that my new companion is coming tomorrow! Not a mini missionary, but a real missionary.  I think that there were some missionaries that got their visas as well and they are coming tomorrow and so I might be training! We shall see. I am excited to finally be able to work again!
I love you all. He loves you.
Elder Smith

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